Maris Stella High School

indeed lives up to its name. The boys were a stellar bunch and were in extremely high spirits when they thronged the frog farm!! It was a jam-packed 3 hours session with over 300 boys. Boys being boys, bound to be bouncing and hopping everywhere! Hope they are still able to retain the knowledge they have learnt here!!

Our date with Riverlife Kindergarten

marked a great start to MARCH! Even though they are only Kindergarten 2 students, they breeze through each of the stations with ease; picking up words like amphibians and metamophosis along the way. They even ask questions (which they had prepared from home) like, ‘Do frogs have suction cups on their webbed feet?’ and ‘ Why are frogs useful to us?’ Pheww… Luckily, as frog-o-logists, we are always prepared for the inquisitive ones!

Hoppin’ Good Time

and a Fresh Perspective from the P3 students from Red Swastika School. Their students always impress us with their inqusitivity!

One student asked if Lim Chu Kang is near the airbase and the noise pollution from the jets training causes a stressor to the frogs, then why are we located here? Another was concerned with whether the frogs are getting enough nutrients from the fish pellets?

It is always heartening, as a farm guide, to be able to get these young children to think deeper and look beyond the surfaces. If you ask me, i’ll definitely be giving these children an A for their cognitive assessment in this visit!

Exotic Meat Recipe 1

Crocodile Meat

Yes, you read it right! Crocodile Meat is sold at the farm and is a meat well-known to the Chinese for treating Asthma and Cough!

Below is a recipe from Exotic Meats USA that we thought needs no ‘Iron-Chef’ to cook it well!

Prep Time: 1/2 hour
Cook Time: 30 minutes
(Serves 1)


1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon paprika
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
½ teaspoon freshly ground white pepper
½ teaspoon dried thyme
½ teaspoon dried oregano
½ teaspoon dried chives
3 tablespoons butter, melted
1 Crocodile Tail Meat/Steak


1. Mix seasoning in a bowl and pour onto a plate.
2. Brush steaks with melted butter and lightly coat both sides of each steak with seasoning mix.
3. Place a dry, heavy cast iron skillet over high heat for 5 to 7 minutes.
4. Place steak in pan and sear for 2 minutes; turn, brush with remaining melted butter, and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.
5. And a pat on your back! Enjoy your meal!

The farm might just be trying out this recipe and improvising on it for an upcoming event next year! So stay tuned!

Should you have any recipes that you would like to share feel free to leave us comments so that we can all benefit from everyone!

“Tough times never last, but tough people do!”

This India mission trip is a further piece of evidence to what I’m a firm believer of- “What do not kill you, will only make you stronger”. I have learnt and experienced so much these 10 days. It was ironic how I was still struggling to complete my work load, handling over the follow up receipts and payments, even right to the point as I was travelling to the airport on the 16/11/11; I had route a 5 kg delivery of our fresh frog meat to a client. That is a normal day routine of a day’s work.

This trip has put me face to face, in a world where all my principals in life have been challenged. I would NEVER ever litter in a public place; I would almost never see any people peeing along Singapore’s streets; I (ALMOST HARDLY EVER) jaywalk or walk between 2 moving vehicles; I have never eaten rice with curry gravy with my hands; I find it inconceivable to eat white rice with yogurt (Buffalo curd) especially after a hearty serving of briyani and curry; I find it a chore to haggle incessantly YET I had to ‘play hard to get’ mind game, to achieve a 30% discount at the airport only because we had 2 hours to spare; I also had to carry a vomit bag with me over the 8 days (a good mix of sewage stench, motion sickness, intoxication from Kingfishers and noise pollution). Despite that, the warm hospitality showered upon us from these Indians we see eking a living through subsistence farming around their homes, had very exponentially heightened my appreciation of the great diversity of life.

The difference between India and Singapore is stark; yet there is much to learn from the people I had met there. They had shown me what the meaning of contentment, humility, making do with their limited resource. It is almost seldom to be hosted in Singapore where the host will bring you to meet the other neighbours of the same vicinity. Especially the experience of being hosted in Kanchikacherla Village, Vijayawada, what looked like an impoverished village to me, demonstrated such an exemplary act of generosity and grace.

This mission trip to India is akin to going cold turkey – stripping us from our favourite food, wifi access, even the basic freedom to walk about in the streets. However, I’m pretty sure we left this beautiful country with memories which will linger with us in this lifetime.

Having FUN and enjoying this task

128 MINI Frog Muffins!!

of baking and moulding 128 mini frog muffins for the farm’s 30th Bday celebration. Even if it means staying up till 4 am to do it, we are still all smiles! This tiny muffins making project was only among the thousand other things we needed to co-ordinate, plan and execute, while still performing daily routines.

Chelsey with the Flea-ers in front of the streamer she sewed!=))

Little frog girl, a multi-talented one, sewed the Happy birthday streamers which the cloths we cut out of old clothings. The design and colours absolutely fit in the theme of the Bday cum HALLOOOWEEN celebration! The sewing took at least 8 hours.. FYI.

It was also with limited success wrt the flea market… due to the passing showers and limited crowd ( Deepavali PH on Wed). Despite that we were much enthused by the Flea-ers great attitude and spontaneity!! The attitude and vibes were great as most feedback they enjoyed the out-of-city’s hustle bustle and that this experience is one which is memorable for them!!
This event was only made successful by every participating friend, staff and visitor who contributed from helping out with the preparations and those who came to purely join us in celebrating our birthday.

Ivy Singh-lim,

the President of KCA, my mentor. If u had caught her speech last evening at Mr Tan kin lian’s rally, you will either be in awe of her courage or worry if her words will land her in any kind of soup. I definitely respect her principals, candidness and guts to stand in front of a large audience and say the same things as she would to a smaller group of people. That to me is honesty. True that u can be honest with tact, but if I were her, at 62 yrs of age, i wouldn’t have much reservations to speak my mind too!
Until this morning I was in a delimma on who I should give my vote to. In fact i even did considered nulling my vote. But now that I’ve used the elimination method.. the answer is pretty clear. Ok back to work now… whichever candidate wins this election, life goes on as per usual. How much of change would you want and expect from him? 


7th Day SJ Trial – Lemon Ceylon Tea with Longan & Collagen Bits

To make this is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Soak the Tea Bag in a half a cup of warm water.

2. Add in 4-5 Longans (do not add in syrup!!)

3. Add in 100 ml of (soaked and Boiled in rock sugar) Snow Jelly.

OK- Maybe 4 steps. Lastly, add in some ice cubes!!

Swarmed with lots of admin work today.. so cooking is not an option. That is why its useful to stock up the soaked and boiled in Rock sugar Hashima in the fridge! In fact, other than for preparation of this trial i have been cooking tens of bowls; in fact by today it would have been at least a 100 BOWLS of Royal Snow Jelly in this week. We have an order for 99 bowls of dessert for a RC group coming tomorrow morning. And on Sunday, we will be participating in a 9am-12pm event at Teck Whye CC. We will be selling our Royal Snow Jelly and the Applicious Collagen Desserts there!! So please do show your support by showing up at our stall!

5th Day of Snow Jelly Trial – Steamed Snow Jelly in Papaya boat


Have you ever experienced any form of obsession?

I read a Malcolm Gladwell book which suggests how genius are not born ingenious; they are products of 10,000 times of obsessive trials & tribulations. Yup yup.. its only been 5 days but i do think thats where this snow jelly experiment is heading now..

Honestly i do need all the beauty need  i can get! Work is overwhelming man. Workers issues, payment due dates, restocking inventories, month end statement of accounts, KCA’s demands of the Hon Sec, walk in visitors and friends, teachers on recce. Have i forgotten to mention the 86 kids from YCKPS and 40 ducklings from PCF  Froggy guide and I hosted this morning?

Yes… this is Life at JFF.

Ok back to the Snow jelly, “TCM practitioners believe that it can strengthen the functions of organs such as liver and lungs, therefore lowering blood lipids, promoting active blood circulation, boosting the immune system and promoting the brain cells’ ability to utilise oxygen..” (* Source from The Straits Times, Mind your Body 12.5.11)

Sadly, hashima has never undergone any clinical trials. Which means another opportunity for us to get these claims scientifically proven!! This adds another thing to do to my LIST OF THINGS TO DO (Completion Date: 30.06.2016)

Disclaimer: ONLY IF annihilation doesn’t happen in 2012.


1. Read Day 3 Post for How to prepare Cooked Snow Jelly from Dried Snow Jelly.

2. Slice a papaya into thick strips of about 10 cm each.

3. Cut out a box in the middle to create a papaya boat. Use a dessert spoon to scoop out the seeds and papya flesh.

4. Add in processed Snow jelly, fresh milk and some rock sugar for taste (according to preference) into the papaya boat.

5. Steam this portion under low heat for 20 mins.