About Us


The year 2015, which saw Singapore’s very own Botanic Gardens listed as one of UNESCO’s heritage sites, the unveiling of a new Downtown Line and the National Gallery art museum, was a particularly eventful one for us. An international recognition though it was, our clinching the ISO 22000:2005 certification stood at the time as one among other monuments to the Farm’s unique heritage. If anything, our tried and tested path reaches back to 1981 when our founder, Mr. Wan Bock Thiaw, rented a small swathe of land along Old Jurong Road. Clearly, the vehicle of our success was already en route to self-sustainability by the time innovations we pioneered in food processing entered anyone’s radar.

To be sure, a few detours had been made in light of certain leasing issues we face in land strapped Singapore. But thankfully, we have not had to look back since finessing this, as well as many other hurdles of similar dimensions. So was, but much more so still, Mr. Wan’s founding vision critical to our survival all along. It was after all his faith in a niche market that paved the way for our position as the premium brand of produce. Besides supplying restaurateurs who feature frog delicacies on their menus, we now count many of Singapore’s retail chains among our wholesale clients. 

And then came the big move. On November 29th in the year 1993, we shifted to our present home in Lim Chu Kang. But we kept the name because nothing else has really changed. Our dedication to deliver the highest quality produce remains entwined as ever with the farm’s original mantra. In this regard, an unfailing adherence to a strict policy against the use of hormones and antibiotics becomes for us a condition of our success to this day. All the more against the backdrop of health-consciousness on the rise among Singaporeans, we believe our farm’s best days are still ahead of us for as long as we are able to tap into this market through proper education. It was toward this end that Mr. Wan’s youngest daughter, Chelsea A.K.A. ‘The Frogologist’, played a pivotal role in the design of our tour itineraries, she was also instrumental in the R&D work that gave rise to our premium Hashima with American Ginseng (launched in 2012). Today, Jurong Frog Farm has also ventured into the skincare industry partnering a local biotechnology company by way of our Fruge Bioactive Collagen Series. 

This, at any rate, has been our metamorphosis thus far firmly cementing the American Bullfrog as our main product.

Our Timeline

1970s – Mr. Wan Bock Thiaw rented a plot of land along Old Jurong Road for the commercial purpose of breeding American Bullfrogs. All told, we started with 80 fibre tanks.

1981 – Jurong Frog Farm was officially registered as a company on October 29th.

1990s – A burgeoning demand for frog meat called for a new business model that entails importing live frogs from Malaysia, whereupon the farm is no longer operates solely as a breeding ground. 

1993 – On November 29th, we relocated to the Agro-Technology Park in Lim Chu Kang (yes, all 1.2 hectares of it!) 

1994 – To ensure our frogs are beyond the reach of natural predators like snakes, major work was done on this greener pasture (literally a grassland) to pave walkways with concrete. 

1997 – We commenced R&D work from the ground up–PROJECT: DRIED HASHIMA.

1999 – “JFF Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly” was launched.

2001 – An AVA licensed slaughterhouse was built to comply with industry best practices. At the same time, we installed a cold room (-18 degree Celsius) the better to subject all frozen products to our quick-freeze procedure.

2005 – “JFF Essence of American Bullfrog with Cordyceps and American Ginseng”, a first of its kind, was launched!

2006 – The company welcomes Mr. Wan’s youngest daughter Chelsea into the family business. Shortly thereafter, preparations were afoot to revamp the JFF Farm Tours packages. In that same year, JFF was admitted as member into Kranji Countryside Association (KCA).

2010 – The Company was restructured as JFF PTE LTD on September 2nd. Prior to this we had been a Sole Proprietorship.

2011 – R&D focusing on the bottling of JFF Premium Hashima Dessert began in early 2011.

2012 – We successfully launched “JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng” on October 14th.

2014 – FROGOLOGY PTE LTD and THE ROYAL FROG SHOP PTE LTD were incorporated in the month of July.

2015– JFF PTE LTD received its ISO 22000:2005 international certification (Food Safety Management System) on June 26th.

2018– JFF PTE LTD renewed its ISO 22000:2005 under Socotec Certification Singapore f.k.a Certification International Singapore Pte Ltd (CIS) on the June 29th.

2023 – JFF closed doors to the public for reinstatement of the land. SLA will lock gates on the 28.02.2023.

2023 and beyond – New chapters of JFF will start, partnering their friends in the industry to continue bringing you fresh produce through all the various platforms and frog themed educational programmes on our new base or at your school compound! Very grateful for all the support!

Gabbe the Mascot

If you come by the farm today, the first thing you will notice is a wall emblazoned with our name. What is so striking about it are its vitality and zest–the same qualities embodied by our mascot in less flamboyant style (he usually dons plain white shirt and yellow boots).

Yet there’s no denying the exuberance Gabbe brings to the farm in his capacity as mascot, even though he probably feels more at home blending in with our farm workers. In fact, so down to earth is he that you can rarely see him wearing the proverbial crown which, in most fables concerning it, remains hidden like a gem anyway. 


  • Giving back to the habitat 
  • Assiduous in customer service 
  • Bashful about extravagance
  • Bubble of wisdom in all things frog
  • Enthusiasm for health awareness