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Our History


Mr Wan Bock Thiaw started supplying frogs to the market in the 1970s, starting Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) in 1981 because he foresaw the potential of farming the American Bullfrog. Today JFF is a thriving business. In an age where people are becoming increasingly conscious of healthy eating and the importance of food safety, providers of healthy, nutritious products like JFF are growing in relevance by supplying alternative products like frog meat, crocodile tail, venison flank steak and locally produced Hashima products.

Mr Wan giving tours

His youngest daughter, Chelsea a.k.a “The Frogologist”, who started working full time at the farm in 2006, recognized that education of this farming industry to the public was imperative as young Singaporeans need to be brought back in touch with the land and she believed that everyone ought to know of the existence and importance of farms. She has strived to change the stereotype of farms being old school and backward by introducing the farm’s mascot, Gabbe King, which can be seen on the walls of the farm premise in his trademark yellow gumboots, and by introducing many fun froggie merchandise now retailing at The Royal Frog Shop.


With the increasing number of locals and foreigners hopping into the frog farm year after year, Frogology Pte Ltd was established on the 18th July 2014, to give all visitors a learning journey they will not forget, with the aim of sharing the insights of frog farming and the world of American Bullfrogs.

Speaking of innovation, in 1997 Mr Wan began working incessantly on the research and development of the popular Chinese beauty enhancing ingredient known as Snow Jelly (Hashima雪蛤). The actual product, JFF Specially Selected Hashima, was began retailing to consumers in 1999. Seeing untapped potential in their high quality product, Chelsea then took this raw ingredient further and launched the bottled Premium Hashima with American Ginseng in 2012.

Until today, JFF remains the only local manufacturer of the Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly and Premium Hashima with American Ginseng in Singapore.

We are proud to announce that JFF PTE LTD has been internationally certified on the 26th June 2015, under ISO 22000:2005 for the processing and packaging of live frogs for wholesale distribution, retail sale and restaurants. This move to achieve this certification has been deliberated upon for many years due to the constant battle with land leases issues with the government. However, JFF has taken a BIG leap of faith to allow this dream to come to fruition. As we strive to improve our food safety management system, consumers can continue to make educated informed choices on the quality of frog meat they are acquiring when they choose the JURONG FROG FARM Singapore trusted Brand name.

Jurong Frog Farm – a local heritage brand built out of sheer hard work, perseverance and a considerably great leap of faith.

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Our Values

JURONG FROG FARM (JFF Pte Ltd) strives to deliver fresh and high quality farm products strictly without the use of any antibiotics, hormones or steroids, while endeavouring to understand and meet our client’s requirements. Ran by a team of passionate frog lovers, we aim to set the bar for excellent services, innovative practices and ultimately delivering the best quality farm produces into the forefront spectrum as a “MUST GO TO” local brand, trusted and endorsed by our customers.

Quality in all areas of the business

  1. Adaptability to survive
  2. Honesty and passion in the services we provide and products we produce
  3. Commitment to our customers
  4. Nurturing the younger generations through internships/ attachments in a fun yet productive work environment

Social Responsibilities

A “3Rs rebate” in place since 2012 for customers who bring their own cooler boxes/ recycled ICE BOX to shop at The Royal Frog Shop.

  • Education of the young to take responsibility in protecting the environment in our Frogology Tours Programs.
  • Harnessing the potential of by-products using innovative methods to diversify and value add to our product offering

Our Timeline

1970s – Mr Wan Bock Thiaw rented a piece of land along Old Jurong Road and started breeding American Bullfrogs in the 80 fibre tanks.

1981 – Mr Wan registered the small scale frog breeding farm on 29th October 1981 naming it JURONG FROG FARM.

1990s – As demand for frog meat grew, to operate purely as a breeding farm was not enough to sustain the business. Just imagine the frogs sitting around for 9 months before they are ready to be harvested; it is way too expensive! He then started importing Live American Bullfrogs mainly from Malaysia.

1993 – We were shifted to the 1.2 hectare farmland in Lim Chu Kang Agro-technology Park on 29th November 1993.

1994 – Work began on this piece of grassland. We had to pave most of the areas and walkways with concrete to act as a deterrent to the frogs’ natural predator i.e. SNAKES!

1997 – Mr Wan started R&D into the development of Dried Hashima

1999 – “JFF Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly” was launched!

2001 – JFF established an AVA licensed slaughterhouse to gain a stronger foothold in the industry. At the same time, a cold room (-18 degree Celsius) was completed to facilitate a quick-freeze method for all frozen products.

2005 – “JFF Essence of American Bullfrog with Cordyceps and American Ginseng” was launched!

2006 – JFF Farm Tours packages were revamped when Mr Wan’s youngest daughter Chelsea entered the family business. That year, JFF also joined Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) as a member.

2010– Change company structure from Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company; Jurong Frog Farm is known as JFF PTE LTD since 2nd September 2010

2011 – R&D of bottling of JFF Premium Hashima Dessert began in early 2011

2012 – Launch of JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng on 14th Oct 2012.

2014 – FROGOLOGY PTE LTD and THE ROYAL FROG SHOP PTE LTD was incorporated in July to streamline the business and increase efficiency and productivity.

2015– JFF PTE LTD received its ISO 22000:2005 international certification (Food Safety Management System) on the 26th June 2015.

2018– JFF PTE LTD renewed its ISO 22000:2005 under Socotec Certification Singapore f.k.a Certification International Singapore Pte Ltd (CIS) on the 29th June 2018.

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