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Rich in protein and Omega-3 but low in calories, frog meat has long been prized as a lean alternative to poultry. Steam it or stew it, you will be able to taste the freshness one way or another. That’s because our frogs are reared locally without antibiotics, hormones, or steroids for good measure.

裕廊牛蛙场的牛蛙是不含有抗生素, 荷尔蒙, 激素等.
营养成分: 低脂肪, 高蛋白质, 有排毒的作用.

Contains 3-4 pieces per 500g.

Country of Origin

Keep Chilled at at 0-4°C

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7 reviews for FRESH WHOLE FROG MEAT 500g

  1. Josephine Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great buy. Timely delivery. Good packaging. After stewing it yields ~800g before deboning.

  2. hqsq0902 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered their fresh frog legs on a monthly basis for my baby and dog.
    Fresh and prompt delivery.
    Clean and very convenient.

  3. Jaslyn Hu (verified owner)

    The meat is fresh and tender, delivery was fast. The frog is bigger than what we brought in market.
    1st time purchase, order again the next day. Will repeat order again.
    Highly recommend

  4. siak meng koh (verified owner)

    Really fresh and clean.

  5. Keith Leow (verified owner)

    Ordering process is very simple and straightforward.
    Fast delivery and deliver on time.
    The frogs are very fresh.
    I will order again.

  6. Julie (verified owner)

    The nutritious frog meat is also excellent for dogs with skin conditions and who are allergic to other meats. A regular JFF customer for years, the delivery service is convenient and buying direct is cheaper than the supermarkets.

  7. Adelaide (verified owner)

    The meat is always fresh and tender. Highly recommended. We order weekly!

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