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Easily the fleshiest part of a frog, it is no wonder that the legs are a staple in French cooking. Even the health-conscious should be able to say Bon Appétit, since a 100g serving of Cuisses de Grenouilles, typically sautéed with garlic and parsley, contains only 0.3g of fat (versus 3g in a same serving of grilled chicken).

裕廊牛蛙场的牛蛙是不含有抗生素, 荷尔蒙, 激素等.
营养成分: 低脂肪, 高蛋白质, 有排毒的作用。

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Keep Chilled at at 0-4°C

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4 reviews for FRESH FROG LEGS (500g)

  1. Edwin Ang (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and very fresh, best for cooking on the same day.

  2. Esther Wong (verified owner)

    A thumb up for the product!
    It arrived well-cleaned and packed with high quality legs. I will definitely continue to support Jurong Frog Farm !

  3. Jogena Ong

    My 2nd purchase. Better quality than those found at huge supermarkets

  4. Shen Tan (verified owner)

    Excellent fresh frog legs that are juicy and delicious. Buying more!

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