Jurong Frog Farm Tours

An ideal get-away from city life. JFF has been host to an array of schools, social groups, families and special events. 

About Frogology Pte Ltd

Frogology Pte Ltd was established on 18th July 2014 as Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) scaled up its educational arm of the business. Led by a young team of passionate frog lovers, we run the only, leading educational frog related program in Singapore on our 38 years old production-based frog farm. Explore the wonderful world of frogs on our farm through hands-on tours with live displays and demonstration.

Witness an all-male frog choir and observe how frogs camouflage in their “natural environment” among other exciting experiences. Everyone knows that frogs breathe through their skin, but how exactly can they inhale through this outer covering? How about the tale of the mysterious disappearance of the tadpoles’ tail? Come join us in one of the package tour to find out. Our 10,000 American bullfrogs await your visit for a hopping fun time!

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