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An ideal get-away from city life. JFF has been host to an array of schools, social groups, families and special events. 

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About Frogology Pte Ltd

Originally conceived to helm our educational program, Frogology Pte Ltd’s establishment on 18th July 2014 marked a watershed in our business. In some sense, this is a journey inspired by the age-old fascination humans have had with frogs, in myths as much as in science. And what a journey this has been!

Fulfilling, even thrilling had been our efforts to integrate instruction and fun, to shed light on the world of frogs and farming practices in such a way as to offer visitors the best of both worlds through the prism of our amphibian’s habitat.

You don’t have to flock too far to have a taste of how a honey primer’s (beekeeper) lifestyle is like, or to see flightless birds scuttling and learn all about their eggs story,  or learn about how engineers start high tech vertical veg farms and walk through aquariums home to over 1000 species of ornamental fishes. Not to mention that phenomenal Dancing Fish show led by Singapore’s Farmpreneur couple or get your Vit D reloaded foraging (with trained instructors) at Singapore’s wild wild west, the Bollywood style?

Since our farm’s closure in Feb 2023, we lead a nomadic life lugging our livestock of Frogs, tadpoles, insects, bringing our knowledge from school to school, farm to farm. We have expanded our sharing from our good old frog farming days to educating the younger generations on conservation of our environment, preserving our Planet Earth and reducing impacts of global warming and climate change which is already affecting most of us as we speak. This stems from our love for our American Bullfrogs, their offspring as well as ours.

 Do ping us to query more about the eye-opening programmes we offer, and what shenanigans our local producers have got up their sleeves.


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