Minced Frog Meat – RAW 300g

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Humans are not the only animals that require protein for sustenance. Just ask man’s best friend! For optimal functioning, dogs need to take in 22 amino acids daily (the building blocks of protein).

Frog meat proteins are hypoallergenic food unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Our vet-tested Minced Frog Meat makes for a great alternative to chicken for a complete canine diet!

To allow a smooth transition from your pet’s regular meals to novel meat, seek advice from your vet regarding the suitable intake per meal.


  1. Steam thawed meat in a bowl until cooked
  2. Mix in mashed sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli (optional)
  3. Done!


  • For pets consumption only
  • Our Minced Frog Meat are raw. Just steam with vegetables for a whole meal!
  • Contains cartilage and bones

裕廊牛蛙场的牛蛙是不含有抗生素,荷尔蒙, 激素等. 营养成分: 低脂肪,高蛋白质。


Country of Origin

Keep Frozen at -18°C


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34 reviews for Minced Frog Meat – RAW 300g

  1. tan_joey09 (verified owner)

    Mixed this with yam for my dog and he’s in love with it! Appetite and skin condition has became better too 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Lynn Lum (verified owner)

    Bought this do to food elimination test for my dog. Lucky it’s next day delivery so I can start the test very quickly. My dog gobble it very quickly so the taste must be acceptable. The packing is convenient but wish it is available in more packing like 400g or 500g so that I can easily adjust to my dog’s changing needs.

  3. kleesgp (verified owner)

    My dog love it, as I put it in an air fryer to make it a little crispy on the top, mix it with sweet potato cubes and he finishes it so quickly. It’s so easy to prepare. Ever since changing to this minced frog meat and sweet potato diet, my dog’s regular diarrhoea and soft stool problem was also resolved, no more diarrhoea and soft stool anymore.

  4. Tee Siew Pei (verified owner)

    Received in good condition.
    My dog’s skin condition improved significantly!
    Delivery was fast and nicely packed in a box.

  5. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Fast delivery! Was not expecting them to deliver even on Public Holiday. The packets of food were nicely wrapped and placed in a styrofoam box with ice! That really helped to keep the meat fresh. However it contained quite a significant amount of bones, will probably try to get the deboned frog leg on the next order. Overall, happy purchase! My dog’s skin is getting much better.

  6. Tatiana Backes Vier (verified owner)

    My dog is having minced frog with potato for her food trial due to allergies. She is feeling much better now and loves the meal time!

  7. Ivy (verified owner)

    My dog has various allergies and chronic pancreatitis. She has been on frog and crocodile meat diet the past month and so far both meats have been well tolerated. She seems to like the taste of the frog meat well enough but eats more enthusiastically when I mix in some pureed vegetables.

  8. Eileen Ang (verified owner)

    First time giving to my dog at the vet’s advice. Surprisingly easy n convenient . A bit pricey for me as my goldie needs 200gm a day for 6 weeks. Still it’s good protein. Thku for the coming discount

  9. sssh (verified owner)

    Recommended by my vet as he starts on a food elimination trial. My dog has it with yam. Fast delivery. Convenient too as already cooked. My dog will require 1 pack a day, would be better if they introduce subscription (cheaper and less hassle in ordering).

  10. shaxcheong (verified owner)

    Prompt response & fast delivery!! Convenient pack to mix with yam & my furkid is loving it !!

  11. Jessiy Mohan (verified owner)

    Delivery was next day. My dog enjoys the frog meat. Hope they sell in bigger packets as I bought 7x300g.

  12. rendoublee (verified owner)

    Quality product for my pets! I like how finely minced and grated this is which makes it safe for my pets to eat. So far my pet seems to like it alot!

  13. Jolyn Fong (verified owner)

    The transaction was fast and delivery on time. Everything was good but didn’t know they minced and blended in with bone. Spent a while to take out the bone. Shall purchased the whole frog leg next round.

  14. Josephine Lawrence (verified owner)

    Very convenient, just need to warm it before serving. There are meat chunks in it. I mix this with barley and spinach for my dog and he enjoys it.

  15. aileentsw (verified owner)

    Tried this out for both my dogs under the recommendation of my vet for about a month. Currently, their skin condition are slowlt improving which I’m really glad. Will be buying more again!

  16. Celine Yong (verified owner)

    1st time order frog meat for my furkid. Recommended by vet as my furkid start to develop food sensitivity towards chicken. My boy loved it and now always looking forward to his meal. Awesome customer service & prompt delivery. Thumbs up! Will definitely order again.

  17. leebanwan (verified owner)

    My dog love the frog meat chunks. Hopefully it will improve his skin condition. The delivery is done efficiently and prompt. Will ordering regularly from now on. Thanks.

  18. ping_guo_pie (verified owner)

    Princess love the minced frog so much that she will sit at her usual spot to wait for her frog meal!!

  19. Andrew Toh (verified owner)

    High quality frog meat for dogs. My dogs love it so much! Very highly recommended!!

  20. Jessica Wootton (verified owner)

    Recommended by my dog’s vet as part of a novel foods diet. My dog has it with sweet potato and enjoys it. Delivery was fast and efficient.

  21. jo henson (verified owner)

    this is great for my dogs. i add sweet potatoes, chick peas and 2-3 other green vegetables and they gobble everything up! after almost a week, their hives have cleared up and they have almost completely stopped scratching. Thank you JFF!

  22. Keith Leow (verified owner)

    Ordering process is very simple and straightforward.
    Fast delivery and deliver on time.
    The minced frog meat are prepared fresh, just before the delivery.
    I will order again.

  23. elliew (verified owner)

    Recommended by our vet. Mixed with sweet potatoes and our dogs love it. Very convenient, prompt delivery and packaged nicely with ice to keep chilled. Pre-packaged and cooked in easy to portion sizes.

  24. Josephine Yu (verified owner)

    Delivery is fast and accurate, great service and fast response to inquiries. However, my cat is not too big a fan at first feed. This is probably due to cats having a more sensitive sense for taste. It took us almost an hour to convince the little one to finish the meal with treats. Day 2, we mixed the same food with fresh frog legs and soup stocks made from frog bones. Viola, it worked!

  25. chocolateleo29 (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and good quality meat

  26. Eileena

    My girl has been on this minced frog meat for more than a year. This is great food for pets. Price is reasonable due to the effort of crushing and blending the right portions and cooking it. A lot of effort actually.

    JFF has a very friendly and accommodating team of people and it is always so relaxed talking to them. I always make it an effort to drive all the way there once a week to buy my frog meat.

    Great team and great service! Keep up the good work!

  27. Ruth (verified owner)

    Whenever I hit up this frog meat with sweet potato or steam it, my dog would sit and wait patiently, looking at the pot cooking. She also finishes the entire bowl of food whereas she does not do that in the past with other food. Thank you for making this available!

  28. SAMANTHA (verified owner)

    Convenient pack to mix with Yam for my dog’s diet.
    My dog’s skin condition improved significantly!
    Delivery was fast and nicely packed in a box.

  29. Adeline (verified owner)

    Great for pawrents who need to put their furbabies on an elimination diet and yet wanting to have bone in the meal. A bit too much bone content for my liking as the poop was hard but its a good way to start.

  30. Laksh11 (verified owner)

    Great for both my furkids wen mixed with chickpeas. See less scratching

  31. Laksh (verified owner)

    Works great for both my furkids who were told by vet to be put on a novel meat diet. Scratching has lessened

  32. juliejltan

    A complete meal for dogs, plus it is convenient – just warm it and ready to eat. My dogs still love their steamed fresh whole frog, munching on the bones for their teeth maintenance. (JFF – I wonder if you would consider making the price more affordable?)

  33. yuki_kaneshiro (verified owner)

    Dog loves this! Delivery is fast upon order, but deliveryman was late for my order last weekend. Other than that, happy with this purchase!

  34. Agnes (verified owner)

    Mixing this with sweet potatoes / yam for my dogs’ diet. They love it and their skin condition has since improved a lot.

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