Having FUN and enjoying this task

128 MINI Frog Muffins!!

of baking and moulding 128 mini frog muffins for the farm’s 30th Bday celebration. Even if it means staying up till 4 am to do it, we are still all smiles! This tiny muffins making project was only among the thousand other things we needed to co-ordinate, plan and execute, while still performing daily routines.

Chelsey with the Flea-ers in front of the streamer she sewed!=))

Little frog girl, a multi-talented one, sewed the Happy birthday streamers which the cloths we cut out of old clothings. The design and colours absolutely fit in the theme of the Bday cum HALLOOOWEEN celebration! The sewing took at least 8 hours.. FYI.

It was also with limited success wrt the flea market… due to the passing showers and limited crowd ( Deepavali PH on Wed). Despite that we were much enthused by the Flea-ers great attitude and spontaneity!! The attitude and vibes were great as most feedback they enjoyed the out-of-city’s hustle bustle and that this experience is one which is memorable for them!!
This event was only made successful by every participating friend, staff and visitor who contributed from helping out with the preparations and those who came to purely join us in celebrating our birthday.
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