A history with award winning KOI fish breeding and then transited to food fish farming to fully align themselves with our government’s bid to achieve 30 by 30 in 2030. During Covid times, they have persevered to successfully develop their bespoke fully automated NIPPON SG Aquaponics system growing patins, jade perch, spinach, naibai, Hongkong watercress all in a single system. They have also innovative value-added food products made from their fresh harvest like spinach ice cream into a variety of spinach confections.


  1. Welcome by the Nippon Farmpreneurs
  2. KOI Hotel Tour
  3. Dancing Fish – Have a SPLASHING GOOD time!
  4. BYO bag for Aquaponics Vegetables Harvesting
  5. Freshly made Spinach Ice cream sampling
  6. Q&A

Duration: 60 mins

Souvenirs: A bag of Freshly grown Aquaponic Vegetables OR Spinach Ice cream

Recommended for:
All ages and levels! *Minimum: 30 pax

For corporate groups, fresh produce tasting and aquaponics workshop can be arranged.

For queries or bookings, please email to

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