JFF Internship Programme

JFF is committed to nurturing the younger generations through internships/attachments in a fun and engaging way. Through this specially curated programme, JFF interns will develop soft skills and support daily operations of JFF. Training will be provided to educate the public on frogs, brainstorm ideas and execution on social media marketing. 

Interested parties, please give us a croak at events@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg

  • Hello everyone! I’m Shawn.

    Hello everyone! I’m Shawn.

    Hello everyone! I’m Shawn. 19 weeks of fun has passed at Jurong Frog Farm and my internship has come to an end..Read More »
  • 19 Weeks of Internship @ JFF: Herman’s Testimonial

    19 Weeks of Internship @ JFF: Herman’s Testimonial

    *Croack*, Herman here talking to you about my experiences thus far. Sadly, this is my last week of my internship. After 19 weeks of exciting memories, the time has come to take my leave… Waking up in the morning has always been a struggle to …Read More »
  • Caleb’s Internship Testimonial

    Caleb’s Internship Testimonial

    Hi everyone! This is Caleb here and I am sad to say that I am coming to the end of my 6 months internship with Jurong Frog Farm. Working here has been nothing short of enjoyable as I’ve managed to fulfill my childhood dream of …Read More »
  • Wilson’s First Week Testimonial

    Wilson’s First Week Testimonial

    My first week at Jurong Frog Farm so far has been an eye-opening experience. Being constantly surrounded by high rise buildings and bustling traffic in my everyday life, this internship at the farm gave me a valuable opportunity to immerse myself in a fresh scene. …Read More »
  • An unusual routine

    An unusual routine

    This is an unusual routine when the Circuit Breaker just started on 7 April. Most of the days I’m working from home instead of at the farm. This means that I do not get to interact with customers as often as I would like. However, …Read More »
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