1. Is there any admission fee for public visit during Weekends and public holidays?

There is no admission fee for groups under 20 pax visiting during weekends and on public holidays. All groups with 20 pax and above need to book in advance with various options available. Please visit our Farm Activities page or contact us for any Group Booking enquiries.

2. What walk in activities can we do during Weekends and public holidays?

Feeling Adventurous? Why not try our popular Yummy Deep Fried Frog meat and Crocodile Nuggets or nourish your body with a refreshing Snowdrop Premium Hashima Dessert. Family guided tours for small groups are also available at a modest price without any booking necessary – just ask one of our friendly froggie staff. For the young and young at heart there is also the opportunity to hop into a frog pen with a net and gumboots to try your hand at catching tadpoles or wrestling bullfrogs. See our Walk In Page.

3. Can we try frog meat and other fresh produce on the farm?

Visit us on the weekends and all public holidays to try our popular Deep Fried frog meat and Crocodile Nuggets or Hashima Dessert. For group bookings, there are options which comes with Frog Meat sampling too.

4. Are we able to touch and feed the frogs?

Join one of our Frogology tours and get to touch and feed the frogs. Visitors on weekends have the options of purchasing a container of frog feed for feeding, taking up a family tour or trying their hand at wrestling frogs and netting tadpoles in the CATCH-A-FROG pen.

5. Can I buy tadpoles to rear them into frogs or frogs as pets?

No. We have stopped the sales of sets at the farm consisting of a tank with 4 tadpoles and a month’s supply of feed. Do bear in mind that the species of frogs we have here are only the American Bullfrogs which are not native to Singapore, so they can not be released in the wild. Tadpoles and Frogs can also be a bit particular about their habitat and need a bit of TLC.

6. What is the minimum and maximum number of people to join the tours?

There is no minimum number to start a tour only a minimum charge! Maximum capacity will depends on the programme required. Please refer to the itinerary details in our tour packages.

7. Can we get a discount for the tours please because we are doing CSR for beneficiaries?

Please email us a scanned copy of your VWO licence and we will consider offering a concessionary rate. Otherwise, JFF has our own CSR programme and just like you, we have many (tens of thousands of froggie) mouths to feed and as many bills to pay. We will appreciate if you can support our local business!

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