1.Can we still visit the farm?

The farm is permanently closed to public. 🙁

2. Where else can we see the frogs?

We have since partnered our fish, vegs, quails and bees friends to bring our programmes to you at our new beautiful base at Nippon Koi Farm, 51 Jalan Lekar, an ornamental and food fish farm ran by a lovely couple Stella and Ah Seng. We have brought our tadpoles and frogs there. We are proud to share that we had our first batch tadpoles born to the ponds there and livestock are thriving in that space!

3. Can we still book for farm tours and programmes?

YES! STRONGER collaborations among Singapore’s very best veteran farmers – each with their own very compelling narratives to share. FARMERS ARE RESILIENT – our team is mobile – our livestock moves along with us! 

Fun with Frogs, workshops, school visits are open for booking. Please send your query to events@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg or whatsapp to 97639077. 

4. Are we able to touch and feed the frogs?

Join one of our Frogology tours and get to touch and feed the frogs! Photo opportunities available too!

5. Can I buy tadpoles to rear them into frogs or frogs as pets?

No. We have stopped the sales since AVS expected us to apply for petshop licence despite us farming the frogs. We do have Grow-a-Tadpole experience which include tadpoles. tanks, a GAT deck of e-cards. Tadpoles which metamorphosised into frogs will be collected back to our farm. Do email or whatsapp to us for the deeds.

 Do bear in mind that the species of frogs we have here are only the American Bullfrogs which are NOT native to Singapore, so they cannot be released in the wild. Tadpoles and Frogs can also be a bit particular about their habitat and need a bit of TLC.

6. Where else can I buy fresh frog meat when JFF closes?

FRET NOT! While the farm is shut, we have shifted our operations to another nearby fish/frog farm where we will focus on our trading business. Farming and processing of meat will be outsourced to our partner. Meaning, there will be no disruption to the frog meat supplies!

In addition, we are also on SHOPEE, REDMART, Sheng Siong and NTUC Hypermarts, for small orders please make your purchase directly from those channels. For URGENT next day delivery order, please order through this website and whatsapp to 97639077 with your SOS, we will try our best to help!

7. How do you feel now that the farm is closed?

We are sleeping better without all the workers and livestock appendages. Life is beautiful with a farm or without. 🙂 

Any other questions, please email to sales@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg. Thank you!

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