Maris Stella High School

indeed lives up to its name. The boys were a stellar bunch and were in extremely high spirits when they thronged the frog farm!! It was a jam-packed 3 hours session with over 300 boys. Boys being boys, bound to be bouncing and hopping everywhere! Hope they are still able to retain the knowledge they have learnt here!!

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2 Replies to “Maris Stella High School”

  1. I am a maris stella student. I went to visit Frog on 9 Mar , Thank for all the staff in frog farm yours are very helpful
    and kind . I had wonderful and interesting frog farm Tour with yours.Thank Cheer..
    See your soon.

    1. Dear Donie,
      Thank you very much for leaving us such a sweet note! We take a lot of pride in our work and are very grateful that you have enjoyed participating in the activities. Certainly looking forward to seeing you again at the farm.

      Please remember to identify yourself!=)


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