Ivy Singh-lim,

the President of KCA, my mentor. If u had caught her speech last evening at Mr Tan kin lian’s rally, you will either be in awe of her courage or worry if her words will land her in any kind of soup. I definitely respect her principals, candidness and guts to stand in front of a large audience and say the same things as she would to a smaller group of people. That to me is honesty. True that u can be honest with tact, but if I were her, at 62 yrs of age, i wouldn’t have much reservations to speak my mind too!
Until this morning I was in a delimma on who I should give my vote to. In fact i even did considered nulling my vote. But now that I’ve used the elimination method.. the answer is pretty clear. Ok back to work now… whichever candidate wins this election, life goes on as per usual. How much of change would you want and expect from him? 


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