Specially Selected Premium Hashima (特选雪蛤膏) 8.5 grams

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JFF Premium Snow Jelly or Hashima is painstakingly selected, cleaned and dried. 100% NATURAL’without any use of preservative.

Source of country LOCAL. Nutritional content:52.6% Collagen Protein,18 Kinds of Amino Acids,Improves complexion, nourishing for lungs,Builds immunity system,Improves respiratory illnesses such as cough and asthma.Its health benefits include replenishing vital essence in the lungs, kidneys and improving skin complexion. Serving size: At least 8 bowls (12oz)

裕廊牛蛙场的特选雪蛤是不需要经过挑选的, 100%纯天然制造. 营养成分: 含有丰富的胶原蛋白,18种氨基酸. 以及各种维生素A,B,C。

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4 reviews for Specially Selected Premium Hashima (特选雪蛤膏) 8.5 grams

  1. athomewithgrowth (verified owner)

    Good quality hashima and packaging size. Efficient delivery.

  2. JO Lee (verified owner)

    Fast and prompt delivery. Love the packaging which gives clear instructions how to cook it. Highly recommended.

  3. Julie (verified owner)

    Just soak overnight and the portion expands to double. Followed JFF cooking directions. Easy to cook.

  4. Cecilia (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and even gave 2 free bowls of red dates with hashima … delicious.

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