Day 1 –  hyderabad. 

The weather  was good at 21 degrees when we arrived here. This place has a system of very stringent security checks and everyone was puzzled how their bags were going through the layers of security right from arrival at the airport to the hotel! We stayed in novotel airport hotel. This place is massive n modernly constructed. Even the free Internet kiosk were powered by MacBooks!I only found out last night upon arrival that t shirts ( those cap sleeves) n the berms I brought were not adequate at the places which I’ll be visiting. Luckily we have native guides who will take us to the local market to stock up some of these clothing.

I’m v curious on the types of social/agriculture issues pressing ones or not which will unfold themselves as we travel from place to place. Already we hv been intro to problems like domestic violence, child slavery, sanitation, agriculture habits  through the sharing with some of the natives from Hyderabad.In Singapore, our problem is serious as well except that it is Not starkly in your face. Given a small land area with conflicting land use, our government sees defense/economic development being more important than security of supply of food! What fight would it be if our army do not know how to grow their own food. Even food could be used as a warfare, just like water isn’t it? We are facing a war now against these issues much higher on national agenda ( an so we think) but with most of our fellow countrymen living in abundance and comfort, It’s somehow, ironically hard, to instill the thought that food security has to be prioritized! People need to be taught n trained and seeds take time to grow!  In the light of the natural disasters in our neighboring food exporting countries, i’m praying that this will inadvertently start to awaken Singaporean’s sleeping minds.

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