Relinquish from the Bustling City

into the countryside; Yes! Singapore’s Countryside!

Did you know that during the 60’s, there were 20,000 farms on more than 14,000 hectares of land in Singapore?!

I was born the last batch of babies of the 80’s and by then, Singapore has very much developed and progressed into a vibrant city! HDBs were constantly designed and built, even the first MRT line was launched in the 80’s; linking most housing estates with the city center.

However, it was also during the 80’s that agricultural land was rapidly declining to give way to rising demand for the building of housing! Although the number of farms have dropped 100 times, farming still very much exist in Singapore!

The Kranji Countryside, is where you’ll find a fraction of the farms still retaining the agriculture land and Jurong Frog Farm is part of the Kranji Countryside Association (KCA). JFF have recently been published on the Overseas Singaporean Portal!

Thus, if you’re trying to find back the good ol’ kampong days where people are still nice to one another, come on down to the countryside and make some new friends!

Jurong Frog Farm
credits to Overseas Singaporean Portal photographer
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