American bullfrogs found dead at Tampines Quarry!?

Its Tyronne here to give a reminder to those who intend on buying live frogs with specific purposes. Very recently, a news article came out in regards to a release of a huge mass of American Bullfrogs in the Tampines Quarry, leaving almost half of them dead! Read full article here

For those who intend to release the frogs I’m sure there will be some of you who are curious as to why we’re so against releasing the forggies into the wild right? Let me share with you what I know.
First of all, American bullfrogs are not native to our country, as the name suggests, its origin is from America. By releasing these bullfrogs into the wild, we’ll be endangering the ecosystem of the area that it’s being released to. How? Well, American bullfrogs are notorious for their ferocious appetite, consuming whatever comes in their way be it big or small, as Long as it fits into their mouth, and with an appetite like theirs, they’ll be able to wipe out most of the organisms living within the area in a very short time span. To top it off, they’re an invasive species, with the capability to populate pretty fast as well, so you can be sure that it would slowly but surely make its presence known not just where it was released at but further as well!

The other reason would be the affects it would have on us residents that’s residing in the area. Because the frogs are farm fed and bred, they are not accustomed to the wild, as they’re usually feeding on palettes and living in a controlled environment. By releasing them into the wild, it would leave nearly half of them dead due to the disorientation stress and only a handful would survive. And within that handful, further more would be left dead as they’re not trained to hunt for their food and doesn’t have any immunity built up in them to resist the parasites and diseases that is found in the open waters. With more than half left dead, the masses of decomposing frog bodies would result in a very foul smelling odour that would spread throughout the area affecting many that live within the proximity, and cleaning up wouldn’t be an easy task as well!

So to folks who intend on keeping frogs as pets, think twice, if not, THRICE if you’ll be able to commit, and for those who wants to release them into the wild for whatever reasons you may have, do know that you’ll be doing more harm than good! Not just to the frogs, but to us as well!

Till next time!

Tyronne AKA (Not AhBeng Frog) Hops into JFF !

Hi! My name is Tyronne, a final year student in poly and I am the new intern here.
It’s going to be close to 2 weeks since I’ve started working here and I got to say, time sure flies with all the stuff you’ve gotten on hand.

From the basics of house cleaning to maintain the storefront (TRFS), stock taking and cooking to the production which consists of removing of the Ovary Ducts (Hashima) of the female American Bullfrogs, packing, sealing and even labelling of the products. There really is never a day where you’ll be bored. The time spent here allowed me to embrace myself with the lush greenery of the countryside alongside the awfully pungent and pleasant smell of the processing plant.

Asides production and operations, my ever so patient boss and supervisor, Jackson and Zheng Xun were always there to guide me with the tours and helping me improve my arsenal of content. I’m quite an introvert around new people so to give a tour was really a challenge for me, but with all those awkward dry runs with them, the tour with the kids felt so much more comfortable than the dry run with them.

It’s been barely 2 weeks and it felt like months since I’ve started working. Guessing that’s due to the many tours every so often and the events that occurred such as KCFM 12 aka Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market, and the Changi Business Park Citibank road show. Having the privilege to head down to the event on one of the days was really an eye opener for me, to see how this tight knitted team was able to tackle such a crowd that was different from the usual walk in visitors and the never say die attitude when problem arises. And a little bonus was the pack of quail eggs I’ve received at the end.

As for the Changi Business Park event, it was a total opposite. The targeted audience wasn’t only different, they were all bankers, accountants etc that were professionally dressed. Majority that hear the word frog instantly showed a face of disgust and there were also many more vegetarians than what I had expected. Due to that it was definitely hard to push out our sales, but we didn’t give up and instead became gutsier and brave as we started approaching the potential customers offering them our samples to try only for them to realize that it wasn’t as bad as they thought it was. Alongside regular customers showing their support, the boss of the booth beside us (lazy fruits) was also kind enough to help promote our Hashima and spreading good words about it.

Asides from all those, this has been one productive ½ a month and I hope that as time passes, I’ll be able to be of more help to the team and grow more as a person!

Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market 12th Edition


Treat your taste buds to our hot sellers at the upcoming Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market! While stock lasts!

KCFM 12th Edition Promo
31st March
, 12-6pm & 1st April 10am-4pm

1. Spend $20 on any items at JFF booth at KCFM 12th
2. ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our Facebook post
3. Receive a free skewer of frog meat or crocodile nuggets worth $5! T&Cs Apply*

*Limited to one free skewer per purchase and ‘like & share’ of FB post.
*Redemption must be done at the time of purchase

For more information on other activities/happenings in the Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market,please refer to

12th Farmers' Market-Poster-Web

CNY Closure Notice 2018

Chinese New Year Closure Notice 2018

Please be informed that JFF Pte Ltd (Jurong Frog Farm) will be closed for the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year from Friday 16.02.18 – Sunday 18.02.2018. Business will resume on 19.02.2018. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We are contactable at 6791 7229 /9763 9077 should you need any clarifications.

Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year! 

Plano App

Managing kids screen time is becoming a real concern for many parents. We want to share a great mobile app with you: plano helps make sure kid’s smart device use is safe, healthy and balanced. The plano app also monitors myopia risk factors in young children, and was created with the support of two of the world’s leading eye institutions, the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC).

You can find our offerings in the plano shop too 😊

Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market (KCFM) 11th Edition and 2017 Singapore Farm Festival!

Season’s Greetings from Jurong Frog Farm!

The 11th Edition of the Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market and 2017 Singapore Farm Festival will be held on 2 to 3 Dec at D’Kranji Farm Resort.

The 11th #farmersmarket and the 2017 #singaporefarmfest will be held on 2-3 December at D’Kranji Farm Resort, 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2.

Below is the list of products, price & promotion that we will be having! See you there!

Crispy Fried Local Delicacies

Price ($)

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.00.04 AM
Deep Fried Crocodile Nuggets (per stick) 5
Cajun Style Buttermilk Fried Frog Meat (per stick) 5
Frog Pops (6 balls per serving) 8
Crispy Frog Skin Chicharrons (per bag) 6


Specially Selected Premium Hashima (8.5g per packet) -Buy 5 Get 1 Free! 10  Premium Quality Snowdrop Hashima
JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng (per bottle) -Buy 10 for $52! 6
Premium Snowdrop Hashima dessert (Buy 2 for $10) 6

Fresh & Frozen Produce

Fresh Frog Legs Singles (per 300g) 12
Crocodile Tail Meat (per 250g) 10
Buy $50 worth of Fresh & Frozen products and receive a FREE Styrofoam ice box


Collagreen Mosquito Repelling Moisturizing Lotion (25ml) 5
Collagreen Mosquito Repelling Moisturizing Lotion (100ml) -Buy 2 for $30 18
 life cycle of a frog (2) safariology


The Life Cycle of a Frog – Safariology 15.9
Wooden Toad Craft 8
Frog Headband 6

National Day Weekend!

National Day Weekend

Unsure of what to do on this National Day Weekend? Jurong Frog Farm is hosting a FREE Hands-On Frogs Show & Tell session on 6 & 13 Aug 2017 from 2.30pm to 3pm.

Learn about their anatomy and functions of different body parts. Differentiate between male & female frogs and get your hands slimy when you interact with these amphibians! Slots limited to 50 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis! Majulah Singapura!

Dates: 6 & 13 Aug 2017 (Sun)

Time: 2.30pm to 3pm

How to get to Jurong Frog Farm?

By driving: Take PIE from city, EXIT 36 Jalan Bahar and Turn right. You will pass SCDF and the cemetery on your left. Travel another 8 km and turn right into Lim Chu Kang Lane 6. We are at Lamp Post 42. Travel time from Jalan Bahar: 10 minutes

By Kranji Countryside Express: Depart from Kranji MRT Station Berth 3, every day of the week. It will stop inside our farm. Bus travel time: 30 minutes. Click here for Kranji Countryside Express Bus Schedule By 975 from CCK, Opposite Lot 1 Shopping Mall, Bus stop. Bus will stop after Lim Chu Kang Lane 5. Walk about 1km (~12minutes) into the Lane 6. Travel Time: 30 minutes

German European School boy touching frog

JFF Premium Hashima w American Ginseng – National Day Promo ( till 31 Aug 2017)

Did you know that Jurong Frog Farm is the only local producer of Hashima 雪蛤; and that this ingredient has been proven to contain anti-aging properties?

In commemoration of our nation’s 52nd Birthday, JFF is offering 10 bottles of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng at only $52! (u.p. $72). This special offer applies to the entire month of August!!

*Packaging of the 10 bottles comes in a green recycle bag.

Order NOW @ The Royal Frog Shop Online

Aliff’s Reflection: 2 Months Internship @ JFF

Set in the remote, opposite end of Singapore, it takes 2.5 hours of commute if I was travelling from home. However, there is no reason to complain as the foreign workers on the farm wakes up diligently at 6 am every single day to wash and feed the frogs. Who knew running a farm could be this busy? Every single person on deck is responsible in ensuring that the farm runs smoothly. During my stay, I saw first-hand how the staff covered one another’s role in the event of someone being unable to turn up for work and how they selflessly stayed beyond their working hours to complete one another’s load. My supervising mentor, Chelsea Wan, the director of JFF, was always quick to emphasise the importance of taking ownership in everything that we do. It could be customer support or even basic cleanliness, it doesn’t matter. Everyone was dependant on each other and it was the only way a small company like JFF could survive which I thought was a beautiful lesson.

Once, I had the opportunity to debone the frogs (separating meat from the bones) at the processing plant and that took me an entire day. It left me with sores all over and I crashed asleep in exhaustion upon reaching home. It made me reflect however. Not all jobs are pleasant. Though I was silently complaining of the stench and back-breaking work, at the end of the day, someone still must do the work. It was just a day for me so imagine the foreign workers who had been deboning for years and yet they were thrilled when given a contract extension. Furthermore, I wouldn’t have completed deboning without Chelsea’s help. Yes, you’re right, the director herself got her hands dirty. In fact, she had experience doing everything on the farm from retail to slaughtering the frogs and by doing so, she understood how each of her workers felt. She knew their limits and potential and thus, was able to empathise with the people under her which I thought is a trait every leader should have.

Initially, I was tasked to embark on a project to develop a new farm activity to solve the low visitation time spent by walk-in customers. While researching, I was also being trained to conduct tours and handle the retail management of the shop there. The two staffs there, Zheng Xun and Jackson, offered an abundance of tips in public speaking and crowd management which I find valuable in a teacher’s line of work. Most of the tours were conducted for preschool children and primary level students which meant that we needed to cater to their short attention span and boisterous behaviour. I started with conducting parts of the tour and by the end of my short stint there, I successfully conducted a full tour for an adventure camp group. Although the tour content was heavy, it wasn’t a problem for me but rather the delivery and intonation that I had to work hard to improve on since these were essential to capture their attention and interest. I overcame my phobia of touching frogs (yes, and I still chose JFF) during my first ever tour to which I put up a brave front and held these amphibians. Although I mishandled the frogs then and they started struggling, I was truly relieved that I was over the irrational fear.

The retail management of The Royal Frog Shop have been quite an experience. Typically, only one person manages the shop on any given day. I was given a week to memorise the product catalogue of the farm. Retailing here required explaining about the product and services, a little history of the farm, cooking and serving frog meat, conducting family tours and basic cleanliness. Often, I do get weird requests from customers. Some asked about entering the frog pens. (Yes, you can) Some asked about having a staycation there. (No, you can’t) Some asked if they could bring home live frogs. Zheng Xun was critical whenever this request was made. There were some people who wanted to buy and release the frogs in the wild which was a huge taboo since the American Bullfrogs on the farm is an invasive species and would harm our local frog population. It would have been very profitable but wouldn’t be ethical.

The fruits of my research led to the birth of The Frog Quest, an all-in-one package that included activities such as frog feeding, catching frogs, an origami station as well as shopping discounts. I hung publicity posters and signs around the farm and conducted a pilot test on the fifth week. The first day, about 6 families took it up and The Frog Quest subsequently became a staple activity on the farm. When there were no customers while handling the retail, I took the time to put up frog jokes and fun facts using recyclables that I hung around the farm to complement The Frog Quest. I also had a hand in helping to find out how to introduce the farm tour programmes to schools by contacting my friends who are current school teachers and learnt how different schools managed their school learning journey programmes.

The agricultural scene was abuzz as news about a lease extension and release of new land sites for agriculture by AVA was released. Every week, there seemed to be one or two news agency interviewing Chelsea. I was tasked to write up a business report for the tender of the new land lease. Thus began weeks of intensive research, looking through financial records and interviewing people in the farm. Through this new project I learnt more about the farm’s history, sustainable practices, and the global frog farming industry. Chelsea drove me around to visit farms in Kranji Countryside to find out about the innovative, technological practices of other farms that could be implemented in JFF’s future. Through this report, I discovered the harsh reality of farms in Singapore and the people fighting to preserve this dying heritage. It was not easy to run a farm here and required passion and energy to keep this fragile dream alive. I saw how JFF had transformed so much over the years by blending in new technology, introducing new product lines and services to remain relevant. Even the tour services and shop that I had a chance to work with was a result of these transformations.
At the end of the day, it was the people on the farm that I had learnt the most from. I was inspired by Zheng Xun’s determination to constantly improve himself to his best abilities, Chelsea’s leadership skills and passion that kept JFF in the right track and Jackson’s resilience and capabilities that completed the dynamic crew. I enjoyed listening to the foreign worker’s life stories to which I also have learnt a great deal from. For example, Manoj, the Indian driver had plans to open up his own restaurant back home one day and Kholifa, who worked in the processing plant just got married.

It had been a most extraordinary journey here and I had most certainly enjoyed myself while learning at the same time. If given the chance to choose my place of internship again, JFF would definitely be my first choice.