Halt to the Trial

but thats ok.. This trial was interrupted by a 10 days holiday to Japan. In the quest of looking for more collagen related products, I made up my mind to PAUSE everything I was doing and go on this trip.

This trip was very eventful and was indeed a refreshing  getaway to a world where everyone looks beautiful, well-groomed and contented.

I thought of bringing a packet of the dried snow jelly there but in the end i left it as just that.. a THOUGHT. I didnt find any sushi bar that serves frog sashimi. Oh well, what were i thinking.

I read somewhere about how there could only be 2 fundamental sources of human motivation- Desperation or Aspiration. The Japanese certainly must be motivated by the latter.

While the Chinese do businese based on “Guan Xi”, Japanese do so based on “Wa” – which means harmony and peace. Even though they do not speak my language (English) they try to explain themselves in their language coupled with universal sign language. The sales girls there laugh at absolutely everything and anything you say even though they do not understand you. HMMmm.. seems pretty silly sometimes.. but did they manage to build a rapport..?? Absolutely.

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