Black Pepper Venison Flanksteaks

Black Pepper Venison Flanksteak served with seasonal vegetables

This dish is one of the many reasons why I have gone from a pure white meat eater to a fully fledged carnivore. 

This was my first attempt at cooking this dish as well, which was made easier with the invention of ready-to-use sauce. I did was pour the delightful Sing Long Black Pepper Sauce (which we sell at the farm) over the venison and allow it to marinate for over 3 hours in the fridge. Then I fried it on a high heat with some canola oil.

Good news is I didn’t even need to prepare the steaks. When I thawed the packet of Silver Fern Boneless Venison Flank Steaks (which we Also sell at the farm) I was surprised to find that it was actually frozen in fillets which were already expertly prepared.

Last tip for my dear readers, please remember to tenderise the meat with the back of your knife of a tenderising hammer if you happen to have it. That will make a pretty good workout for your forearms.=) Enjoy the meat and savouring every burst of  sweet juice with each bite.

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