Frog meat steamed with Hashima in Coconut Broth

As we slither into the Year of the Snake this Sunday, JFF will introduce this super combo recipe which includes fresh frog meat and Hashima. The clean & clear broth you get out of this recipe is surprisingly bursting with flavor!

This dish is not only fast and easy to cook, but it tastes so good! We would strongly recommend it even if u r an amateur in cooking. ūüôā

We’ll take this chance to wish you all a very happy LUNAR NEW YEAR. May this year snakes along good health and happiness!!


2 young coconut, 3 frogs (each of 150g), some wolfberries, 50g lean pork, 2 dried shiitake mushrooms, 60g hashima (concentrated), some ginger, 200ml stock.

1. Rinse and cut the frog meat into pieces; Blanch in boiling water for 1 minute; Remove and drain.
2. Soak wolfberries and dried shiitake mushrooms in water till soft; Remove and drain. Dice.
4. Rinse lean pork; Blanch in boiling water for 10 seconds; Remove and immediately rinse in running water till cool; Drain; Dice.
5. Peel, rinse and slice ginger.
6. Make an opening on a coconut; Pour out the coconut juice; Rinse the coconut shells; Drain; Reserve the coconut juice for later use.
7. Arrange the frogs, lean pork and dried shiitake mushrooms in the coconut shells; Add the hashima and wolfberries; Pour in the coconut juice, top with chicken stock. Add ginger.
8. Arrange a steaming rack in a deep wok; Pour water into the wok. Arrange the coconut shell on the rack; Cover the wok with a lid; Steam over a high heat for 15 minutes; Steam over a low heat for 30 minutes. Ready to serve. Enjoy!








JFF Christmas Recipes (Finale!)

The finale of the 4 parts jFF Christmas Recipe – Vin Blanc Frog Meat!

Last week, we learnt about how low in fats frog meat is. The trick to whip up a perfectly delectable frog dish is not only to use freshly processed frog meat but also to serve the dish piping hot!

Vin blanc frog meat uses very simple ingredients and takes only about 10 mins stewing process before your guests arrive for dinner!

Ingredients (A):
Basil leaves

Sauce (B):
1 TB black pepper sauce
5 TB water

Marinate (C):
4 whole fresh frogs chopped
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 TB oyster sauce

50 ml Sauvignon blanc to be added last

1. Add sesame oil into a flat frying pan
2. When oil is heated, add in (A). Fry for 3-5 mins until fragrant.
3. Add in (B) & (C).
4. Stew this mixture up to 10 mins until
Frog meat is entirely cooked. Add more water if necessary.
5. Lastly douse Sauvignon Blanc over the dish

Viola!! Vin Blanc Frog Meat!




Black Pepper Venison Flanksteaks

Black Pepper Venison Flanksteak served with seasonal vegetables

This dish is one of the many reasons why I have gone from a pure white meat eater to a fully fledged carnivore. 

This was my first attempt at cooking this dish as well, which was made easier with the invention of ready-to-use sauce. I did was pour the delightful Sing Long Black Pepper Sauce (which we sell at the farm) over the venison and allow it to marinate for over 3 hours in the fridge. Then I fried it on a high heat with some canola oil.

Good news is I didn’t even need to¬†prepare the steaks. When I thawed the packet of Silver Fern Boneless Venison¬†Flank Steaks¬†(which we Also sell at the farm)¬†I was surprised to find that¬†it was actually frozen in fillets which were already expertly prepared.

Last tip for my dear readers, please remember to tenderise the meat with the back of your knife of a tenderising hammer if you happen to have it. That will make a pretty good workout for your forearms.=) Enjoy the meat and savouring every burst of  sweet juice with each bite.

6th Day of SJ Trial – Savoury Collagen Omelette

I must admit that i’m pretty tired of adding snow jelly in all the sweet desserts. Today i am going to experiment with adding the Processed Snow Jelly (Pls read below) into my favourite omelette. I remember seeing this cook performing this recipe in a cooking show before when i was younger and Mum actually did tried it!

Guess i must be pretty young when Mum was buying the dried snow jelly from medical halls. I do have recollections of her using a tweezer to pluck out those black specs and threads etc.. the smell of those products were pungent so she usually add in ginger in her cooking to kill that smell.

When i was in my mid teens,¬†Dad started experimenting processing the snow jelly from the raw products and our family eat A LOT of that. Luckily for sweet toothed¬†me, i aLWAYS like hashima for its texture and that it’s always done sweetened. I have ever even frequent Soup Restaurant to take away their Double boiled Hashima with rock sugar for $6 – $8 a bowl. The portion was meagre!!=(

Back to this recipe, the result was fantastic! As Froggie Guide has suggested, it has a bit of the oyster omelette bite. This recipe is certainly one which i will definitely try again! It took me barely 10 mins to get it done!

Recipe (serves 3):

1. Beat 3 eggs together with a pinch of salt and pepper

2. Cut up a small stalk of chives and 2 small slices of ginger.

3. 50 gms of soaked (In plain water) snow jelly. You may boil this portion of snow jelly for about 15 mins first before sieving it out. 

4. Heat up wok with some vegetable oil. Add in (1), followed by (2), Lastly (3) when omelette is 75% cooked.

5. Serve Hot!

4th Day of SJ Trial – Osmanthus Royal Jelly with Ginseng

4th day of snow jelly trial and no pimples in sight despite my lousy eating habits these days! Great news!

 Yesterday KY watsapped me as she was confused by my previous postings about the handling of the snow jelly. Would like to clarify here that the dried snow jelly itself is already cooked by heating and naturally preserved by drying. To use the snow jelly as a ready to use ingredient, you will have to soak the dried sj in water first overnight, boil it to sterilize this ingredient for at least 15 mins. You may break up the pieces into smaller morsels with a fork. Take note that sj is fully expanded when it is translucent and if your sj looks opaque, u r not using it to the full capacity!

KY n I also kinda concluded that the recipe on Day 2 probably works better with warm milk. She even offered another recipe with Almond paste which I’ll def experiment soon. as today is my off day I am quite reluctant to cook. So I’m offering this recipe which the product we are also selling at the farm. The inspiration of this recipe came after a visit to a friends Chinese restaurant which serves up jelly in champagne flutes! adding some collagen to it should be complimentary to both the taste n nutritional value!

1. Boil chrysanthemum flowers for 10 mins to 2.5L of water.
2. Sieve out the flowers n residues.
3. Add in Soaked Snow Jelly, wolf berries, red dates n  ginseng to the boiling chrysanthemum tea. Put to boil for another 25 minutes

5.  Lastly, add in 1 packet of Konnyaku jelly powder (some of these packaging comes with sugar in it! if not use the amount of sugar as recommended on the pakaging)

6. Off the fire when the mixture starts to boil. Continue stirring until the powder is completely dissolved in the mixture.
7.  Pour it into the moulds when the concoction is less hot. The boiled Chrysanthemum flowers may be added into the moulds as edible garnish.
8. Serve chilled!

You can see how much ‘love’ goes into the making of this product. It is absolutely delicious!! However for some of¬†you non-cooks out there, ¬†I would recommend visiting us at the farm n buying this cooked product¬†from the Royal Frog Shop to get an instant fix!