JFF Premium Hashima w American Ginseng – National Day Promo ( till 31 Aug 2017)

Did you know that Jurong Frog Farm is the only local producer of Hashima 雪蛤; and that this ingredient has been proven to contain anti-aging properties?

In commemoration of our nation’s 52nd Birthday, JFF is offering 10 bottles of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng at only $52! (u.p. $72). This special offer applies to the entire month of August!!

*Packaging of the 10 bottles comes in a green recycle bag.

Order NOW @ The Royal Frog Shop Online

The Performance Series #5 “Farm Race”

Does it sound like a dream marathon to run from one farm after another in Singapore??

Dream no more as the first “Farm Race” powered by The Performance Series #5 is happening right here at the Kranji Countryside next Sunday, 18th Dec 2016!

Participants can anticipate lush forestry and farmlands as a beautiful backdrop and perhaps some resident dogs of the countryside to run alongside. For the participants, some sweet deals await you!

JFF partners the run organisers to bring you a good promotion on our newest anti mozzie, beauty product- Collagreen Mosquito Repelling Moisturising Lotion Fortified with Bioactive Collagen. This is a product that PROTECTS, HYDRATES and MOISTURISE at the same time and keeps out mosquito bites and stings! Best part of the story, don’t worry about the sweat washing out the essence of this lotion. Our bioactive collagen has strong binding properties to your skin giving you that UV protection and skin hydration, without clogging your pores, while you sweat and do what you got to do!

Per 100ml bottle: $18 or 2 bottles for $30

Not only that, fancy a nice cold dessert after the race – Health and beauty benefits aside? We will be selling our popular Traditional Royal Hashima Dessert exclusively for all participants at only $5/bowl at the end point!
The icing on the cake – Hop on the free shuttle for the farm visits after race! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at the Kranji Countryside in another week or so!

From Frog Princess to Frog Queen: Chelsea Wan

“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

This year has been especially life-changing for me, both literally and figuratively. In Sep 2015, our family welcomed a game changer- a Baby (!) into our lives.


There have been so many firsts over the past year. First time bringing Baby back home into the farm. His first interaction with frogs; His first taste of meat;

Baby looking skeptical at the meat!

His first smile (where people have commented on how much it resembles my Father’s smile); His first words; His first steps; his first appearance on mainstream TV.

The Wan Family on MediaCorp Channel 5 “On The Red Dot: UNIQUE communities!

These moments certainly reminds myself of my first tour, first project, first hire, first interview, first renovation; these firsts made up the first decade of working alongside with my family on the farm.

This coming 29th Oct 2016, JFF celebrates our 35th Anniversary and it also marks my 1 year and 1 month  of motherhood. There have indeed been many firsts over the past year. And that should be much more firsts to come, not just for ourselves but for JFF as well.

While we are unsure about the eventual move out of this farmland,  we are also thankful for the lease extension to the end of 2019. As they say, rest is for the wicked. To stay relevant in this industry, we’ll have to continuously innovate, diversify, and R&D into new frog products.

Most recently, We’ve launched our Collagreen Mosquito Repellent Moisturizing Lotion. It’s a first of its kind of moisturizing artisan product with an added mosquito repellent function. It contains 10% bioactive collagen which are purified and extracted from American bullfrog skin. This idea would have been inconceivable and probably remained an idea if we haven’t met the right partners and married science and tech into a very conventional farming business.

Now we can proudly claim that our frogs used quite to the fullest to combat the mozzies!!

Our new innovation! Collagreen Mosquito Repellent Moisturizing Lotion

Lastly, I will like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who have supported JFF over the years and some of you who witness my transitions in life on this farm. To all the pre-schoolers hopping around our farm, primary school students energetic for herpetology knowledge, tertiary students getting in-depth insights to running a family business and the weekend visitors coming to JFF to escape the hectic city life with their families and their children to catch frogs or enjoy a sumptuous plate of frog meat. Thank you!



Singapore’s Jubilee National Day’s celebration has came and gone but the spirit of Singapore’s effort of nation building will be entrenched in us for a long long time to come!

In celebration of SG50, our Royal Frog Shop will be having a SPECIAL LOCAL PROMO of 2 boxes of our 100% Singapore produced Premium Hashima with American Ginseng for $50 in the Month of August! Click on this link below to enjoy the JFFSG50 bundled discount when checking out!

Promotion is available with FREE DELIVERY with a minimum of $100 online purchase of this item.

ONLY VALID from 1st to 31st AUGUST 2015!

Come visit and share this promo with your friends who would love some 100% Natural & Collagen rich indulgence!SSJ-SG50


If you are wondering where our froglets staff have hopped to, they are over at 240 Nyee Phoe Garden S(718898) where KCFM is!


Just look at the throng yesterday! Our popular deep fried frog meat was sold out at 430pm. Do come early today as we’ll start sales of frogs and crocodile tails on sticks, fresh produce and hashima products from 2-6pm!

imageIt’s also our first R&D effort of collaboration with Soi55, a team of young pretty capable ladies and 100 bottles of delicious and nourishing Thai Milk Tea were sold out before the clock ticked 6pm.

If you are one of those who love a good photo taking opportunity, look out for the beautifully decorated Photo Booth at the entrance of the marketplace1!

Look out for our booth at Marketplace 2 (next to Bollywood Veggies) later today!

Haze Promotion (While haze last!)

DO YOU KNOW that hashima has properties of nourishment of lungs? Now that Singapore is shrouded by this haze and we have practically no idea when the haze will pass, try out our 100% Singapore Safe bottled hashima for a refreshing concoction brewed out of specially selected Hashima, American ginseng and rock sugar, which nourishes your lungs while at the same time improving your skin complexion!

JFF Specially Selected Dried Hashima is handpicked, cleaned and dried at 60 degrees to retain maximum level of collagen proteins.

It contains 18 kinds of amino acids and rich in epidermal growth factor that can promote cell division and cell regeneration.

A 100% Singapore Safe product that is fast growing in popularity, we have now expanded in our Hashima products range to include Bottled Premium Hashima with American Ginseng! This is a 100% natural product with no preservatives and artificial colourings or flavouring.

Hashima is commonly consumed for the benefits as below:

  • Improving skin complexion.
  • Rich in epidermal growth factor that can promote cell division, delicate white skin, cell regeneration
  • Contains small amount of natural hormones which is beneficial to human testosterone, estradiol and progesterone
  • Replenishing vital essence and nourishment of the lungs and kidneys,
  • Prescribed to treat respiratory symptoms such as coughing and night sweats due to tuberculosis.

Each box of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng is $28.80 Nett (4 bottles of concentrate).

We are offering a HAZE PROMOTION from now till the HAZE disappears!

For every 10 boxes of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng, you will get 1 Box FOC!

For every 20 boxes of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng, you will get 3 Boxes FOC!

For every 30 boxes of Premium Hashima with American Ginseng, you will get 5 Boxes FOC!

Offer is valid while stock lasts!

FREE Office/ Home delivery services.

Please call 6791 7229 or email to sales@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg for any query or to place your order right now!

We will love to hear from you soon!



JFF Festive Hashima Hampers Available for SALE!

JFF Festive Hashima Hampers are up for grabs now!

JFF Festive Joy – $188
5 x Premium Hashima with American Ginseng
3 x Specially Selected Dried Hashima
1 x Teddy Bear with Christmas Hat

JFF Hashima Special – $148
4 x Premium Hashima with American Ginseng
2 x Specially Selected Dried Hashima
1 x Teddy Bear with Christmas Hat


Every $50 spent in a single receipt at the frog farm from 17/12/12-15/2/13 will entitle you to a chance to win our JFF Hashima Special Hamper retailing at $148. 2 lucky winners will be chosen in a lucky draw on 18/2/13. Winners will have from 18th to 28th Feb 2013 to collect their hampers.

New Product Shots of JFF PRemium Hashima with American Ginseng

The purchase of JFF Hashima guarantees you a 100% natural product that is carefully handcrafted with no preservatives or artificial ingredients added! Try one to find out!

Now retailing at $28.80 (inclusive of GST).
Available at
1. Jurong frog farm
56 lim CHU kang lane 6 s718864
Home delivery available

2. Fung onn Medical Store
48 tanglin Halt #01-335
6476 7561

3. Tai Sin Chinese Medical Hall
Boon lay MRT station #01-08




A perfect gift for all: JFF Premium Hashima with American Ginseng

Dear  JFF Friends,

We are happy to announce the launch of our new product line of our Premium Grade Hashima with American ginseng.

JFF Hashima contains 18 kinds of amino acids which contribute to protein content up to 52.6% (mainly collagen protein), fat 4%, minerals 4.7% and almost no cholesterol.

JFF Premium Hashima is specially handpicked for its premium quality and is 100% processed and manufactured locally without any use of artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives. 

Hashima is commonly consumed for the benefits as below:

ü  Improving skin complexion.

ü  Rich in epidermal growth factor that can promote cell division, delicate white skin, cell regeneration

ü  Contains small amount of natural hormones which is beneficial to human testosterone, estradiol and progesterone

ü  Replenishing vital essence in the lungs, kidneys,

ü  Prescribed to treat respiratory symptoms such as coughing and night sweats due to tuberculosis.

 As a launch offer from now till end of this year, we are offering a free Bottle of Premium Hashima with every purchase of a box (contains 4 bottles) at $28.80 nett each.

We are also extending a FOC Home/ office delivery service with a minimum purchase of 4 Boxes together with this launch offer.

 This is a perfect choice of gift for all your loved ones, friends or colleagues for Christmas or Chinese New Year next year. It is always good to know that you will not only be enjoying this Premium product knowing that it is 100% Singapore Safe with assurance of its quality and taste but also be supporting a local business!

Please call 6791 7229 or email to sales@jurongfrogfarm.com.sg to place your order now!


The new intern JJ who has just joined us on the 30/8/11, asked me what kind of responses i would expect out of the new market project ( will be talked about in a separate posting) which we will be diving into this week. i shrugged and said, any response would be good. If not this marketing effort would at the very least spread the news to the receiving ends of the email that JFF existed and is very much alive and happening! 

From previous experiences (8, 9 years ago), when i started peddling packets of dried snow jelly to the medical halls. I get snubbed by all the chinese TCM educated grey hair folks. Some of them were vehemently insisted that my product is a fake (!!??!). I spent weeks and months, travelling to their medical halls with cooked and raw but soaked samples for them asking them to try for themselves to see the difference. I was SUPER enthusiastic, they were much less interested. Out of the 25 shops i visited, only 7 eventually agreed to put our products on consignment. To date, only 3 of them still maintained an account with us. The shops that i subsequently gave up on, placed our products behind closed cupboards.. or underneath stacks of other brands of dried snow jelly.

” Its ok that you do not want to sell my snow jelly. I have 100% faith in my products and you ought to have some respect for it!.” 

Bottomline is to manage your expectation but full conviction on your product!