Testimonial from our Frog Master!

By Muhammad Aizat Bin Selamat
BSc(Honours) in Business, University of London

Position: Marketing and Business Development Assistant

“If you love to interact with people from all walks of life, love nature and have fun while working, this is the internship to opt for! Never did I expect this stint to build my character development but also honed my skills and knowledge on social decorum!”

My internship experience at JFF is a challenging, thrilling and a rewarding one. Life at JFF is different everyday. The word ‘bored’ never came into existence.

You get to meet new people like customers, who will sometimes eventually become your friends OR and potential business partners. The working environment has encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone to unleash the potential of public speaking skill in me. With a predisposed introvert personality, the tour guiding responsibility is the most challenging aspect of the internship. I have learnt how to crowd-control different type of groups ranging from kids to adults. This is an experience and on-site learning opportunity that I can never get from reading a textbook.


One of the highlights of this internship is my involvement in the World Food Festival (WWF) 2013. I was involved in the logistics planning for the event. For example, I need to ensure that we have adequate collaterals to go around during the event as well as informing to the public for our involvment in WWF 2013 through social media like Facebook and WordPress. On top of that, I’ve learnt a few interesting Mandarin phrases to pitch sales during the event. For example, “lai ah lai ah, tian ji rou, sao sao de!”. In translation, come and get our freshly cooked frog meat!

Truth be told, there’s more to experience than to be said in words. It is an enriching experience to be able to work as an intern in Jurong Frog Farm. Where most of my peers would scorn at the prospect of working in a farm, I am glad that I have chosen to walk the beaten path. I have taken this rare opportunity to learn and experience first hand on managing a business and overcome obstacles in an organic and dynamic environment. Hey, you get to learn about frogs as well! Like JFF Director (Ms Chelsea Wan) always say, frog rocks!

I will definitely encourage my fellow schoolmates looking for internships to work with JFF Pte Ltd. Further more, you’ll be able to enjoy the rustic scenary which is definitely a breath of fresh air from the hustling and bustling concrete jungle of Singapore!

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