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1. Daily harvest of Patin fish, bred and reared at JFF is now available! This live fish will be processed/degutted for you at no extra charge. Promo Price: $16.50 per fish, size from 700g each and onwards  (UP.$25/900g+-)

2. Snowdrop Hashima Gift Bag Bundle of 8 Bottles will be available at 8 bottles for $68 nett. (U.P.$76) Please order 2-3 days in advance where possible as that will help us in order to brew the freshest stocks to be delivered to you!

3. Frozen frog legs singles 300g pack: BUY 5 Get 1 FREE!

$9.50 $8.90

Only 9 left in stock

$25.00 $16.50

In stock

$76.00 $68.00

Only 19 left in stock


In stock (can be backordered)

Select options$7.50$9.00

Only 4 left in stock


In stock

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