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Our local American Bullfrogs are fed on a high-protein diet and are reared without any use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids. we employ a quick-freeze method in a -18 degrees Cold Room to ensure freshness and sterilization.

Source of Country: LOCAL
Nutritional contents: Low fat, high protein,High selenium (Contains detoxifying properties and recommended for people with allergies)

Average of 7 pieces of legs per 300g (depending on size)
High Meat:Bone Ratio
Single legs for easy preparation
Expiry: 2 years from production date

裕廊牛蛙场的牛蛙是不含有抗生素,荷尔蒙, 激素等. 营养成分: 低脂肪,高蛋白质.有排毒的作用.


Keep Frozen at -18°C

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3 reviews for FROZEN FROG LEGS SINGLES (300G)

  1. rendoublee (verified owner)

    Super fresh and convenient to cook as there is no need to split up parts. Lots of meat as well!

  2. Samantha Loh (verified owner)

    Fresh and fleshy. Easy to stir-fry with onions, ginger and oyster sauce. Good for my family members who are all too lazy to eat the body parts with bones. These frog legs are so easy to eat.

  3. Seelian (verified owner)

    This frozen frog legs are really hassle free to use for cooking! No more splitting up the parts to cook! Tastes great too!

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