Snowdrop Hashima Gift Bag Bundle of 8 Bottles

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Snowdrop Hashima Gift Bag Bundle of 8 Bottles

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Of the many health benefits found in Hashima, its potency as a detoxificant is perhaps the most well-known. Together with other active compounds such as lipids, its fatty acids produce antibodies toward building healthy cells throughout the body. Now available in bottled form, grab yours today and start turning back that hourglass on your complexion!   

*NOTE: Aside from our flagship Pandan Snowdrop, we also have a Dried Longan Fruit variant. Both products feature a good blend of Red Dates and Seaweed Jelly, though the Pandan label has Wolfberries mixed in as well.

33% Water, 30% Hashima,  25% Seaweed Coral jelly, 7% Rock Sugar, 5% Red dates/ longans other variants

Keep Chilled at 0-4°C

Ready to drink and should be immediately consumed once open.

What is included
4 bottles of each flavour of snowdrop Hashima in a cream or white colour Snowdrop Hashima gift bag

To check the stock availability for Next-day deliveries or batch expiry, kindly Whatsapp/SMS to 9763 9077(Jackson).

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Traditional, Longan


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