The World’s Cutest Frog With It’s Own Fearsome War Cry!

Hi everyone, Sgt.Frog here.

So have you heard about the Desert Rain Frog?
Imagine a frog that lives in a desert area, very small but plump like a mini balloon animal!
These little frogs are nocturnal creatures that rest in the day and hunt at night. Why do these frogs hunt at night is because of the desert temperature differences between day and night.

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During day time the desert can be very hot and very little shade can be found. Frog prefer to keep their skin moist so these frog dig into the sand deep enough to find moist sand to rest on.
During nighttime the desert temperature drops to a very cool temperature. These frogs would then move up to the surface to hunt for food. Also during nighttime vision can be limited for predators and prey alike.
This is one of the main reasons why most animals prefer hunting at the cover of night.

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Now this is a video captured by a amateur photographer named Dean Boshoff. He described the frog making a fearsome war cry!
So watch the video and hear this frog’s war cry yourself!

Sgt.Frog signing out.

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