Sgt.Frog is Hopping off the Farm!

Hi everyone,

Sgt.Frog here!
So this will be my last blog post here in the farm.

I have been on the farm for my internship for four months and now it’s time to share my experiences here.
The first time I heard my teacher said that I was posted to a frog farm, all my friends already starting joking that I’ll be eating frog porridge everyday!

So in my head when realized being posted to a frog farm, sweating under the hot sun and being surrounded by hundreds of frogs.

The Bullfrogs

So what did i learnt from this internship?
Learning to communicate way better than I ever did. Before the internship, I was shy and only open up to friends that i know well.
But now I’m able to talk to visitors and customers confidently on the spot and assisting them!
Also I’ve learned to react to unexpected situations calmly and appropriately. I have to say I have messed up at times during the internship but fortunately Chelsea was a forgiving person.

The first few weeks of my tours were supervised by Chelsea in case I froze during the tour.
She was friendly and patient with me throughout the internship, helping me with my flaws and teaching me the correct ways to conduct a tour and my other job scopes. It includes admin work and taking care of the shop during weekends.
I was a slow learner, so it took me a longer time before Chelsea felt that I was able to manage the tour by myself.
But before the internship started I never would have thought I’ll be able to lead a guided tour around the farm by myself!

Having my internship here at the farm was definitely one of the best experiences I ever had.
I have definitely learned many new things and improved my skills that can be applied during my future working life.

Frog riding a Beetle
(Picture by Indonesian based wildlife photographer Hendy Mp)

And with that, this is Sgt.Frog saying farewell.

The World’s Cutest Frog With It’s Own Fearsome War Cry!

Hi everyone, Sgt.Frog here.

So have you heard about the Desert Rain Frog?
Imagine a frog that lives in a desert area, very small but plump like a mini balloon animal!
These little frogs are nocturnal creatures that rest in the day and hunt at night. Why do these frogs hunt at night is because of the desert temperature differences between day and night.

freedawnscientia blogspot
(Image from freedawnscientia.blogspot)

During day time the desert can be very hot and very little shade can be found. Frog prefer to keep their skin moist so these frog dig into the sand deep enough to find moist sand to rest on.
During nighttime the desert temperature drops to a very cool temperature. These frogs would then move up to the surface to hunt for food. Also during nighttime vision can be limited for predators and prey alike.
This is one of the main reasons why most animals prefer hunting at the cover of night.

(Citation for information:

Now this is a video captured by a amateur photographer named Dean Boshoff. He described the frog making a fearsome war cry!
So watch the video and hear this frog’s war cry yourself!

Sgt.Frog signing out.

FRACTS #11 – Unique frogs around the world!

Did you know that there are many unique frogs around the world? Let’s take a look at some of them.

The first unique frog is the Goliath Frog. It is known as the largest frog in the world, with the biggest specimen being up to 32cm from snout to vent and weighing up to 3.25kg! Long time ago this frogs were thriving in middle African countries, but over the years of being hunted for food or to be sold to zoos or animal dealers they have been classified to being endangered species.

Goliath Frog
(Picture from Google Images)

The second unique frog is the Paedophryne amanuensis, it’s known to be both the smallest frog and vertebrate in the world. They can be as small as 7.7mm in length! These frogs are also difficult to find as they are not just small, they are also camouflaged on the leave piles on the ground and their calls are almost similar to insects as well. They were only found after scientists decided to grab a handful of leave litter and place it in a clear plastic bag. After awhile they noticed tiny frogs leaping about, thus making the discovery. They may be the tiniest frogs in the world but they are still able to jump very high, up to 30 times their own length!

Paedophryne amauensis
(Picture from Google Images)

The third unique frog is the Coqui frog. Now this frogs are rather small, reaching only up to 88mm in length. But what makes them unique is the volume of their calls. Just standing 3 feet away from a Coqui and it’s call can be as loud as 100 decibels, that is as loud as a jackhammer or chainsaw! Also their calls can mean two things, the “Co” part of their call means a warning for males that may try to invade their territory and the “Qui” part is for attracting females for mating purposes. Now that’s multitasking!

(Picture from Google Images)

Stay tuned for more fun facts on unique frogs!

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4th Kranji Countryside Farmer’s Market

Good evening everyone! Sgt.Frog here!

Do you know what’s happening during this weekend?
It’s the Singapore Farm Festival x Kranji Countryside Farmer’s Market event held at Nyee Phoe from 30th – 31st May 2015!

4th KCFM

Many farmers will be at this farmer’s market promoting their own locally grown/bred products. Like fresh/frozen frog meat from our Jurong Frog Farm, goat’s milk from Hay Dairies, veggies from various vegetable farms like Bollywood or Quan Fa Organic Farm, Quail meat and eggs from Lian Wah Hang Quail & Poultry Farm and many more food and product stores!

At our booth, we’ll be selling our popular products like Fresh frog legs, crocodile meat and venison!
There’ll also be cold Royal Hashima dessert for sale to cool yourself off during the event!
And if you’re feeling peckish, we have deep fried frog meat and crocodile nuggets to tickle your taste-buds!

The duration for the event will be from to, farmers’ market will be closed after
After there’ll be a Gardenasia’s Sunset Party till!

So if you’re free this weekend, take a trip down to the Nyee Phoe 240 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718898!
We hope to see you all there!!

Sgt.Frog signing out!

The Metamorphosis, the American Bullfrog and the Karma

Hey everyone, Sgt.Frog here!

Have you seen the metamorphosis process of a frog before?
If you haven’t, you can get some tadpoles here at the farm and see the the metamorphosis in action up close!

The Metamorphosis set will include four tadpoles, a tank and a container of frog feed. I’ll also explain on how to care for them!
I’ll also talk about what to do and not do when having a American Bullfrog as a pet. You’ll be amazed by how the process of metamorphosis takes place before your very eyes!
Metamorphosis set

Now I’ve had many people asking me this before. “Can I buy some live American Bullfrogs to set free?”
My answer to you is a big NO.
I know that some people have a practice of releasing animals into the wild for good karma.

But if you’re gonna try buying our live American Bullfrogs and then releasing them into the wild of Singapore. I can guarantee you that not only you won’t get a speck of good karma but instead you’ll be getting lots of bad karma in return for sure. Plus you’ll get arrested by the authorities.

Why is it so bad? Basically these American Bullfrogs are classified as one of the top 100 Invasive Species in the world.

Now what are Invasive Species? These are species that are not native to an environment and are able to cause a lot of harm and damage to the ecosystem. Since these American Bullfrogs originated from North America, they are big and strong creatures being able to reach up to 20 cm long from snout to the vent and weight about 1 kg.

And their diet? Anything goes. As long as the American Bullfrog can fit the animal in it’s mouth, it’s food. Now the native animals we have here in Singapore aren’t all as big as the American Bullfrog. Since they can’t retaliate back, they’ll be eaten and forced to extinction by these American Bullfrogs.

Now if the food chain of the ecosystem in Singapore is broken, several of the animals in Singapore will be affected. For example, if these American Bullfrogs ate all the insects like grasshoppers or caterpillars, there won’t be enough food for the local frogs and toads in Singapore. These out-competed local frogs and toads will starve and might even end up being extinct. This means they’ll be gone forever!

So if you’re planning to get some tadpoles here at the farm, be sure to be responsible for them.
If you’re unable to take care of them anymore, you can either return the tadpoles/frogs back to us at the farm or pass them over to another responsible person to take care of them. Never release these tadpoles and frogs into the wilds of Singapore!

Sgt.Frog Signing out.

FRACTS #10 – Are frogs poisonous?

Did you know about the Poison Dart Frogs?

These frogs are dangerous as their skin glands contains the deadly toxins. Not all Poison Dart Frogs are deadly, some are just less toxic where they can paralyze their attackers or predators. The more poisonous species will be like the Golden Poison Frog. The Golden Poison Frog is so poisonous that just one milligram of its poison is strong enough to kill 10,000 mice!
(Citation 1 :

Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frogs’ poison are Batrachotoxin, which are basically neurotoxins. So once the poison is ingested by the predator it will directly affect the nervous system of the victim. Once the nervous system is down the body won’t be able to function properly, causing death. Other animals also have neurotoxins as a defense or even a weapon. This includes animals like snakes, spiders and scorpions.

Do you know the differences between Poison and Venom? Venom is when the toxin is being injected directly to the body, like stings or fang bites. Poison is different as it’s only classified as that when the toxin is ingested.

It’s arguable that Poison Dart Frogs do not create their own toxins and rather that they feed on insects that consume poisonous plants around them, this allows the frog to accumulate the toxins within it with each insect it eats.
(Citation 2 :

The reason they are called poison dart frogs is that natives in the jungle discovered that these frogs are poisonous. So they decided to secrete the poison from the frog to apply on the tips of their weapons like arrows, hence the name Poison Dart Frog.

But just being poisonous is not enough to stop predators to try feeding on them. So these frogs have evolved to have brightly colored skin to detain predators from preying on them. Bright colors in the animal world is a way of saying “Hey back off, I’m poisonous. Eat me if you dare!”

Many animals in the world has also developed this tactic to prevent predators from eating them. Other animals like Monarch Butterflies and Coral Snakes also have brightly colored skin or patterns to fend off would-be predators.

Here’s another fun fact, did you know that the cute Platypus found in Australia has it’s own venom?


It does! The venom is located in the spur (like a small spike) which is on the hind limbs of the platypus which only the males have. This venom is rather unique. The venom doesn’t kill, but instead causes swelling and excruciating pain for weeks or even months! Victims claimed that the pain is so bad that it’s even worse than being shot by a gun! Also there’s no antidote for it, not even morphine is able to soothe the pain. So in short, never handle a platypus carelessly or you might just end up suffering from the venom for weeks!



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Life stages of the American Bullfrogs in Jurong Frog Farm!

Have you ever visited JFF before? If not, hop on over this coming weekend!

Just last week we had a new harvest from our mating pairs of American Bullfrogs! Looks like chia seeds huh?

Frog Eggs

Then after a few days they began hatching into tiny tadpoles! They look like little grains of black glutinous rice with a tail, don’t they?

Baby Tadpoles

We also have 2 months tadpoles 7-10 cm in length from the CNY harvest. By the end of the 2nd month, they start to grow legs, firstly is the hind legs which takes one month to develop and another month for the forelegs to develop. Now this process is called Metamorphosis (refresher course for most of you!)


After metamorphosis, they begin the process of apoptosis where their tails start to shrink and disappear as they become fully developed baby frogs. Now this baby frogs can be rather jumpy. Just by waving your hand over them and they’ll start hoping and swimming all over the place!

Baby Frog

After about 5-6 more months these little frogs will have then grown into big versions of themselves! Now we have a few thousands of adults bullfrogs here in the farm. If you like you can get some frog feed here in the farm and feed them! You’ll be astonished at how fast they can gobble up their food in a single gulp! Watching them live in action definitely feels way more different then watching a video about the bullfrogs!

The Bullfrogs

So what are you waiting for?!
If you want to see these different life stages up close and personal, take a trip down to the farm this weekend!!

Now if this is your first time making a trip down to the farm, below are the different ways you can take to reach our farm!

Our address is JFF PTE LTD (Formerly known as Jurong Frog Farm) 51 (Plot 56) Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 Singapore 718864

Firstly by Driving if you have your own vehicle or getting a Taxi: Take PIE from city, EXIT 36 Jalan Bahar and Turn right. You will pass SCDF and the cemetery on your left. Travel another 8 km and turn right into Lim Chu Kang Lane 6. We are at Lamp Post 42. Travel time from Jalan Bahar: 10 minutes

Next by Kranji Countryside Express: The shuttle bus departs from Kranji MRT Station Berth 3, every day of the week. There will be a pillar showing the timetable of the bus arrivals. Also there’s a cost of $3 for adults and $1 each for elderly and children. The shuttle bus will stop inside our farm. Bus travel time: 30 minutes. (Link:

Lastly by Bus 975 from CCK, Opposite Lot 1 Shopping Mall, Bus stop. Bus will stop after Lim Chu Kang Lane 5. Walk about 1km (~12minutes) into the Lane 6. Travel Time: 30 minutes

New member here, Sgt.Frog!

Greetings everyone, this is Sgt.Frog reporting in!

So why Sgt.Frog? This is due to me liking the anime Sgt.Frog! Another name for it is Keroro Gunsou, so try watching a few episodes of it!

Anyways, I’m a student from Republic Polytechnic that has been posted to Jurong Frog Farm for training!

So I’ve been starting my training on 10th March before the commencement of the actual internship, and just so happen on that day there were already two schools visiting the farm! So my first duty was to be familiar with the content of the tour!

So for the first tour I was to be an observer. I shadowed Charlane, another employee here that has been conducting tours for a long while so she was experienced in it. Watching the person leading the tour was easy. Leading the tour on the other hand was much more harder.

The first time I tried conducting part of the tour which was explaining the history of the frog farm was… well let’s just say I was rattling too fast and getting nervous. Luckily Chelsea the lady boss saved me and the children on the first day of my internship were more attentive and listening to my presentation after that. They gladly followed me about to the different parts of the farm to see the frogs.

Towards the late the evening, another group entered into the farm, except this time they were celebrities from Hong Kong performing in a TV series called “Travel with Mom” where the celebrities will travel to different countries with their moms to find fun and interesting places. The celebrities were Sidney 雪梨 (Mom), Edward 徐偉棟 (Son) and Erica 徐頴堃 (Daughter)! After their filming with the frogs, they were treated with some home cooked gong bao frog legs, deep fried frog legs and the dessert Hashima!

Then over the next three days more children from schools came over to visit and join the tour, which I was give the task to help conduct them! So I started out with getting familiarised with the history of the farm, not easy especially when you are explaining history to kids! So with the advice and pointers from Chelsea and Charlane, I learnt a few tricks like getting them hyped up so they’ll be more attentive, and showing some firmness to actually get them to pay attention to me instead of talking about!


In just four days I’ve already helped lead tour groups that total up to 632 children! Some first week in the training programme huh?

And during the weekends I met a local celebrity Ben Yeo! Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a pic with him! Also,
I learnt to cooked deep fried frog meat and crocodile meat as well! So do come and visit during the weekends, I can let you try my cooking skills!

Ken & Ben

So if you wanna know more about my experiences during my training in the next time (or about my challenges) stay tuned for more updates!