Winner of a Frog Lookalike Award!

Richard Chai, from Republic polytechnic, is one of the cutest intern we have received here on the farm. Within 2 weeks into his 4 months long stint, he realized how frequently he has been commented by little children on how similar he looks compared to a frog!! Below is his testimonial.

“Firstly, when i heard it’s a farm, i thought i would have to do more manual work. However, when my internship started, it was a totally different experience from what i have expected.

The job scopes were slightly more than expected, because i thought i only have one job scope however, when i started working there, the job scopes i have to cover includes admin work, retails, tour conducting, etc. So it was kind of tough for me because handling so much different type of work at the start of the week, i could not adjust to it. However as time passes by, the job scopes i have to handle were actually kind of fun because they kept me from being bored.

It was totally different from my expectation and my experience while working over there was actually quite fun! The hospitality of the company was good and the rules were easy to understand. I had an enjoyable time working there as an intern, unlike what my friends shared about what they experienced from their internship.”


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