Fracts #1 – The Amphibian Crisis

So let’s begin with the birth of our first Fracts: Fract #1

Do you know that the earliest Frogs were known to have lived as early as 265 million years ago (Permian era) compared to us modern humans (Homo Sapiens)  150 000 years old.

Having to live and survive through mass extinctions, frogs have earned itself as one of the most resilient and adaptable creatures on Earth. Perhaps due to the fact that Frogs are amphibians, they can live on both land water, allows them to have an alternative hideout away from natural disasters. Today, there are nearly 4000 types of frogs, including toads, and they can be found on almost every continent (in green) except Antartica where the climate is very cold all year round.  .


However, frogs (and other amphibians) today may not be able to survive the next mass extinction that the Herpetologists call it, The Amphibian Crisis. Watch this video clip to find out more!


Therefore, what are your views on this crisis? Are we humans responsible? What you readers reckon all of us can do our part to save their existence on this Earth?

If you would like to share your opinions on how we can save our frog friends, do feel free to reply in the comment box.


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