What’s happening on Vesak Day ?

It was indeed a busy day!


A group of cheery people A group of cheery people ^.^


I was conducting a tour for a group of girls as it was one of the girl’s birthday. What caught me by surprise was that they actually came down to have the birthday celebration. My perception of celebrating birthdays would be them going to Universal Studios Singapore, zoo, marine barrage for some picnic etc. I could not have thought they would come to the farm to celebrate. This is a simple thought for me-sometimes life can get so much better even with simple pleasure. We do not necessary have to spend a lot of money, neither do we have to go to some lavish restaurant.
A walk around the farm sounds pretty amazing too. 🙂

JFF not only Provides Luncheon on weekends but also on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!
Do come down to try our scrumptious luncheon!


Steam Frog Meat with Chicken Essence
Steamed Frog Meat with Chicken Essence

After such a long day, I’ve decided to have a drink outside of the shop and I realized how relaxing the place is..

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