To our Founding Father of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

Greetings everyone, Sgt.Frog reporting in.

Today’s the day where our late founder and prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew will embark on his final journey throughout the now flourished Singapore that he envisioned.

This will be the last day for all Singaporeans to pay their final respects to the strong leader who had not only promised but delivered this commitment in his lifetime to make changes to Singapore but made it a better place for all Singaporeans and succeeded.

Mr. Lee will always be remembered as the founding father of Singapore and a great man, who has made hard and difficult decisions that may have seem unpopular and questionable to some but has made Singapore the thriving city it is today.

It’s raining pretty heavily on some parts on Singapore but it has not stopped any Singaporeans from paying their final respects to Mr. Lee on his last journey.

Mr. Lee, all of us at Jurong Frog Farm salute you for your relentlessness of actualizing your vision of a peaceful metropolis for Singapore.

With that,
Sgt.Frog signing out.

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