From Frog Rescuer to Operations Manager: Mr Jackson

Hi my name is Jackson. I’m also known as Mr Jackson to the children and students who visit our farms for the school tours.

I have been working in the farm as the Operation Manager officially since last August 2015.

My fondest memories of my childhood was catching spiders, chasing (or being chased by) dogs, catching (and rescuing!) frogs. The whole farm was my playground. Looking back, I only realize now how blessed I was in being able to experience a very “Kampong” childhood.



Like my sister, the Frog Princess Chelsea, I have never envisioned myself working in a frog farm.

Unlike my sister however, I have always been more introverted. Therefore, there was a huge initial struggle for me to conduct tours, especially engaging the pre-schoolers. I had to overcome my personal obstacles for my family business. Much like how tadpoles cannot be comfortable with the water in order to grow into a frog, I had to step out of my comfort zone to seek for “land”.

Jackson conducting tour in Dec 2015. All smiles and confident!

Working in the farm myself has made me realize the amount of hard work and effort that my father and sister has dedicated over the years.

Things are probably easier outside as well. When a typical day of work ends, you go home and don’t worry about a thing. Over here at the farm, orders for frogs can come at 10pm and sometimes even 12am or 3am. You will wake up at 5am in the morning to process your orders so that the workers are able to process the fresh frog meat orders for the day. Work is always on our mind. Farmers never rest.

Brother, Father & Sister together in Esquire Photo Shoot August Issue 2016

While work might be relentless and the hours might be irregular, I have also grown appreciative of the close proximity and time I get to spend with my family.

This 29 Oct 2016, we celebrate our fruits of labour for JFF 35th Anniversary! We commemorate and the effort continues to ensure another 35 productive years of farming frogs.

 Happy Birthday, JFF!

– Brother Frog Jackson

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