Earth Day should be everyday!

Earth Day is usually celebrated every 22nd April annually to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action to demonstrate support for environmental protection. By this Environmental movement, it helps to create awareness to one another. From what I feel, one day event is not enough to create a sustainable environment.

Human activities and actions on this weak and fragile natural environment had caused so much destruction that population of different species of lifeforms went down drastically overtime. Frogs as bio-indicators (species that can be used to monitor the health of an environment or ecosystem) are known to be found in places with clean wetlands or waters that are suitable for the ecosystem to thrive. Ecosystems suddenly affected by human intervention like deforestation or invasive species (Habitat Destruction) or even excessive use of harmful pesticides would definitely have a high chance of killing the frogs. Global Warming or pollutions that affect water bodies or land would further increase the chances of death to the frog population.

This is why Earth Day should be every day, applied to our daily lives so all of us will play our part in saving the environment.

So.. How can we save them?

Okay! Since most of us live in the urban and city area, there are a number of ways that we can save them and also the environment.

  • Practice more of the 3Rs (and 1P)
    • Expanding in this part, the most important and the top priority of all before the 3R is, ‘Prevention’. This means to prevent and avoid items and materials that will take too long to degrade in the environment (e.g. Bring your own Recycle bag in replacement of plastic bags)!


  • Save water
    • Frogs need water and we do too. Just take the amount what we need and don’t let unnecessary left running dirty..


  • Do not litter (or pollute)!
    • You wouldn’t want to live in a dirty environment, don’t you? Throw your litter in the appropriate bins, it’s not that hard!


  • Save Electricity
    • More fossil fuels are used to create electricity and as well more heat. As more heat generated, this would increase the temperature of the global warming which is undesirable.


  • Do not release non-native species into the wild!
    • This non-native species can be invasive species that they might hunt down the population of the native species to extinction. We wouldn’t want that to happen.


    • The one of the most important factor of all. The more people that we reached, the mouth-of-words will eventually reach to other people exponentially. Gathering and sharing positive knowledge is the best thing that can ever happen in mankind.


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