Cherie Hearts

braving the rain!

Although it was raining, the kids’ excitement was not dampen at all! Well done! Today marks my 2nd hosting of the Herpetology WS!

Cherie Hearts consist of very young kids of ages 4-6 and they need to take a longer time to fill in answers. However, good job to them for being receptive in learning at such a young age! Different people tend to learn at different phase just like the growing process of frogs! Just to digress, not all tadpoles grow into baby frogs in the same week; some tend to take a longer time to grow into a frog!

Before I end off, here’s a famous quote that I really like “It’s not the destination that matters but the journey that counts.” Because all the lessons we learned comes from the journey.

I hope we’ll all learn something new everyday! 🙂

(P.s I figured that if the kids are shy to make any interaction, I need to change my presentation technique and so I did! ;))

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