A new Frog Boy has arrived!!

Hi Everyone!!!  I’m Frog Boy which has just joined the frog club!

Why am i Frog boy? well… it is because I’m a boy and with the frogs. sounds reasonable right? =)

So i will be joining the JFF family for the next 5 months of internship which i feel that its gonna be exciting! At first i was afraid of touching frogs which i felt that others out there has the same fear as me too. But after overcoming my fear, they are actually cute and friendly creatures which i believe you would feel the same way as me after experiencing it at JFF (an achievement for those who never touched one before)!

As my attachment goes on, there was not much we could do outdoors for now due to the haze as it was at a unhealthy range and rainy days. But instead, I was being guided around the farm to understand different stations and their purpose. Tour dry run has been done too as i messed it up on my first 2 days due. But hey, practice makes perfect right! I was surprised that Singapore would have farms too which i found that I’m not the only one that is surprised as my friends and some others out there does not know about any farms in Singapore too. I would highly recommend everyone to come and take a visit to the farm as it is very interesting.

There are some challenges that i have faced like for example when i was holding 2 frog with both of my hand and i accidentally released and dropped(oops!) a frog which causes it to be hurt. So lesson learnt is to never release a frog even though it is struggling and this lesson is for everyone too, If a frog struggles, do not let it fall on the ground but to firm your grip or pass the frog back to any tour guide that is in-charge of it to prevent harm to the frogs.

I hope that in time i would be able to get used to grabbing on to those frogs nicely and also to be able to guide tours confidently and smoothly. =)










Oh, and I’m Joseph aka Frog boy. =)

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