FRACTS! : Flying Frogs?!?!?

Who says frogs can only just jump and swim only? There are quite a number of species of frogs are able to ‘fly’! Actually, they don’t really fly like birds flapping its wings, instead they glide through air or, some say ‘parachute’ to just move from one place to another or run away from harmful predators too.

This ridiculously photogenic creature above, is the Rhacophorus nigropalmatus aka the ‘Wallace’s Flying Frog’ or ‘Abah River flying frog’.

Native to the Malaysian Peninsula and Borneo in the dense part of the jungle, this frog is able to glide with the help by spreading its webbed feet on its fore legs and hind legs on air. So, when threatened, it spreads its webbed feet and catch as much air resistance as it can to help them glide over around 15 meters or more to another neighbouring tree branch or all the way to the ground. They also has oversized toe pads that help them to land without getting them to hurt and stick to tree trunks too. Talk about how amazing creature they can be!

Here is a video of the Wallace’s Flying Frog!



By Poorichote Chotipan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons (featured picture)

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