FRACTS #6 – touching a toad gives you warts ?

Touch a toad you’ll get warts, right? Wrong!

Most toads look as if they have warts, buy they don’t give them. Touch a toad and you’ll find a friend, right? Maybe! Toads can become very tame.

Touch a toad if you can but touch it gently. If a toad becomes frightened, glands in its skin may ooze a milky juice which is poisonous to most animals if they swallow it. This poison saves toads from enemies as they cannot hop away as fast as their frog cousins can.

Some enemies don’t seem to be bothered by a toad’s poison, so they have other tricks to try.

For example, a toad can puff up until it’s too big to swallow.

Hiding is another toad trick. It blends in with its surroundings and can even change colour.

Many toads burrow in soft dirt when danger threatens, digging backward with their hind legs.


Toads may also protect themselves by playing dead.

Here is a cute video showing how tame a toad can be and playing dead.



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