Green tips for making personalised Christmas cards!

Green tips for making personalised Christmas cards this year!

How many of you scrambles a few days before Xmas day to buy all the cards and presents for your loved ones?
Have you thought to DIY the card in a little effort of being environmentally friendly??

In this post, we will show you how! All you need are standard craft making materials like loose ribbons, old magazines/ catalogues, scissors and glue to make lovely Christmas cards like these.

Xmas Cards
Xmas Cards

Collect all possible textured material like old wedding cards, envelopes, carton box, wrappers and you will be surprised how some materials look so good together!

Materials to make Xmas cards
Materials to make Xmas cards

1. Find some solid prints A5 higher gsm paper as backdrop.
2. Cut up some interesting Xmas themed graphics from the old magazines you have collected.
3. It’ll be useful to cut out some nice windows to frame up the pictures you like.
4. Cut up Merry Christmas greetings in different typology!
5. Roll up some colour themed paper tubes, cut them according to length to form a Xmas tree! Viola!!
6. Write a short green message to spread of words of being environmentally friendly even in a gift giving season!

We hope you’ll enjoy this craft making session!!

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