Frog Girl’s First Post On Good Friday !

Hi everyone! This is Frog Girl in the house !

Jurong Frog Farm was swamped last weekend especially on Good Friday holiday!

We experienced a heavy down pour in the midst of conducting a tour. It was a challenging experience because it is not easy to manage the crowd and most importantly there was quite a number of children and elderly! My colleagues and i were so afraid they might slip/trip! But luckily, there were a few kind souls who assisted me along the way with the crowd control while I have to serve one of the tours with our JFF deep fried frog meat and Royal Hashima dessert.

On that day, we could only have lunch at 4pm!
It was really busy. But, i’m glad that i enjoyed it.

Family tour on Good Friday!
Family tour on Good Friday!

Before I end this off,

My name is Anna and I am the FROG GIRL in JFF!
My name is Anna and I am the FROG GIRL in JFF!
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