Anna’s thoughts

After working here for quite some time, I’ve realized that it is not easy to manage a farming business. In fact it is extremely challenging as it depends on Nature!

When we face bad weather- Haze/Rains/Floods, our tours will be affected
When we receive little rain, our livestock will be affected
–Raising frogs is not an easy task due to our geological location where we do not have easy access to fresh water. If there is little rain we have to slow down our production.

When the place is too hot, we have to layer up our roofs to cool down the place because the frogs prefer a cooler living environment . Once they feel stressed up by heat, they might die.

Climate change is really making a difference to the farming industry. However we can do our little bit to make our contribution to our Earth!
First step could be simply by practicing 3Rs (little acts that count!)


*Eveything will have a cause and effect


Frog girl signing off~


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