14 days Royal Snow Jelly therapy starts today!

This blog started a couple of days ago. The idea was spurred by a fren who has many auntie colleagues who blog about their recipes, shop from other people’s blogs and the so many other people i know who will spend weekends reading people’s blogs and facebook updates.

As far as froggy guide and me are concerned, the lives we lead working (& living in my circumstances) is a far cry out there from most of you out there. We hope to document our daily activities and thoughts most coherently and vividly through this channel to you.

Oh well, i am going to start with a personal testimonial of a 14days of consuming our farm’s speciality Royal Snow Jelly. I will share this recipe with you at the end of the blog. I actually intentionally soak  ~20 gms portion of our specially selected dried snow jelly (u.p. $16.50) it is indeed heartening to know that this portion serves up a good 14 portions (~200ml each portion) for my little experiment.

Why am i doing this experiment? Besides the constant reminder that 30 is not far away, it’s also the encouragement from a MONDAY FRIEND who had ever tried a brand of collagen essence and her colleagues could see the difference of her skin condition. OK WE will see at the end of this Trial!!

Recipe (Serves 14 bowls):

1. Soak 20gms of snow jelly overnight.

2. Smash up soaked snow jelly using a fork & drain out excess water.

3. In a separate pot, add in 2.5L fresh water, 250 gms of rock sugar, slices of po seng, red dates, wolfberry.

4. Boil for as long as 45 mins using low heat.

5. Serve warm or cold according to preference. 

Tips! You may chill the remaining Royal snow Jelly in the fridge and eat it over the week!

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