New Product Shots of JFF PRemium Hashima with American Ginseng

The purchase of JFF Hashima guarantees you a 100% natural product that is carefully handcrafted with no preservatives or artificial ingredients added! Try one to find out!

Now retailing at $28.80 (inclusive of GST).
Available at
1. Jurong frog farm
56 lim CHU kang lane 6 s718864
Home delivery available

2. Fung onn Medical Store
48 tanglin Halt #01-335
6476 7561

3. Tai Sin Chinese Medical Hall
Boon lay MRT station #01-08





Hop by in October as we celebrate JFF’S 31st Birthday! We will be conducting a free tour every weekend in October from 10am to 11am & do look out for awesome deals on the month of October!

Check out!!

Now comes with new features like a FROG QUIZ to test your knowledge on the trivials of the American Bullfrog;

You may also download our In-Farm Recipes, now available with chinese translation on the JFF Recipes page;

And If you are looking for farm activities to do in the weekend, check out FROG TOURS page for a JFF FAMILY TOUR option!

There’s something for everybody!  See you here soon and have a great croaking weekend!

p.s. A million thanks to 2wombats who satiated our demand for perfection. 3 rounds of changes in less than 10 days was all it took from discussion to putting up the site live! We received very prompt and professional services from Steven. This service provider is highly recommended!

1 week stint at JFF

21 year old, Ms Ong Yi lun, was assigned to JFF by SP as a special project observer. This stint includes a 1 night stay at the farm. Read about her exprience below!

“The short stay at JFF was a fun & an experience of a lifetime. Instead of hanging out with friends on the weekends, i was surrounded by the croaking frogs~ Getting my hands and feets dirty, wadding in the pond catching the frogs proved to be no easy feat even for a 21 year old!
What’s so interesting about this farm? You must be thinking… What else? Of course it will be FROGS! That’s right! FROGS are everywhere! In the ponds, shop, magazines and even on your plates! But then again, not only do they sell products on frogs, but actually CROCODILE meat and VENISON! Can you believe that? That’s definitely something new & worth a try. ^^

Ok. Enough of the frogs~ The other thing that one cannot miss will be the friendly, helpful, young lady boss & her assistant! Their cheerful & outgoing personalities really brightens up every single day. Along, comes their loyal companion dogs, Bobby & Puppy with their energetic barks & playfulness. 😀

Black Pepper Venison Flanksteaks

Black Pepper Venison Flanksteak served with seasonal vegetables

This dish is one of the many reasons why I have gone from a pure white meat eater to a fully fledged carnivore. 

This was my first attempt at cooking this dish as well, which was made easier with the invention of ready-to-use sauce. I did was pour the delightful Sing Long Black Pepper Sauce (which we sell at the farm) over the venison and allow it to marinate for over 3 hours in the fridge. Then I fried it on a high heat with some canola oil.

Good news is I didn’t even need to prepare the steaks. When I thawed the packet of Silver Fern Boneless Venison Flank Steaks (which we Also sell at the farm) I was surprised to find that it was actually frozen in fillets which were already expertly prepared.

Last tip for my dear readers, please remember to tenderise the meat with the back of your knife of a tenderising hammer if you happen to have it. That will make a pretty good workout for your forearms.=) Enjoy the meat and savouring every burst of  sweet juice with each bite.

JFF Turns 30!

We have some extraordinarily exciting news to share with you! We’re turning 30 years old on 29th of October, 2011 and we would like your family to come share in the celebrations with our froggy family!

There’ll be lots to do. For the kids there will be free balloons and games to play. Of course there will be good promotions on all our popular farm products. We’ll be cutting a frog cake, dishing out deep fried frog sampling (while stocks last) along with a (first come first served) barbeque from 6pm onwards.

So save the date in your iPhone, iPad, Outlook, Andriod, Blackberry (or write it down on your paper calender if you still have one) and hop on down with your family to enjoy a fun filled day of celebration at the farm!

JFF Turns 30
Come celebrate our 30th birthday down at the farm.