JFF Premium Hashima w American Ginseng 75g (特选雪蛤泡参)


JFF Premium Bottled Hashima with American Ginseng 75g
Batch Expiry: 8th April 2023

Nutritional content:52.6% Collagen Protein, 18 Kinds of Amino Acids, Improves complexion, nourishing for lungs, Builds immunity system, Improves respiratory illnesses such as cough and asthma. Its health benefits include replenishing vital essence in the lungs, kidneys and improving skin complexion.

营养成分: 含有丰富的胶原蛋白,18种氨基酸. 以及各种维生素A,B,C。

Our Hashima is guaranteed of the follow:

  • GOOD for improving Complexion
  • Nourishes the Lungs
  • Maximum level of collagen proteins retained during drying process of goods
  • Short stocking period between production to delivery of goods
  • Free from artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  • Source: Local

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