Hosting Herpetology

thrice a week!

YCK Primary 1 students are a spontaneous bunch! I enjoyed hosting them throughout!

What I’ve been implementing at every single stations: if you want to get the kids to really understand what they’ve learned, get them to repeat important points at the end of every station. And at the end of the tour, ask them again!

Don’t we all get sick of memorising? If we understand what we’ve learned, every information will automatically get ‘saved’ into our memory! ‘Retrieving’ the information is ‘easy-peasy’!


Remember to check out The New Paper for the Map of the Kranji Countryside TODAY! Also, check out the Special Promotions that will be published in The New Paper on the 12/8 (Fri), 19/8(Fri) and 26/8(Fri)!

We hope to see you  croaking at the farm soon!

Happy National Day to all! 🙂


Brand new month,

brand new week with a brand new start, at least for me!

I finally did my first Herpetology Workshop with YCK!!! The kids were very attentive during the tour but it would definitely make the group much more enjoyable if I could get them to shout out answers and have them interact with me more!

Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my time with the kids! 🙂

Another interesting update would be from Teacher Sheena of PCF Punggol East Education Centre! JFF had our very first collaboration with a school and interacted with the kids via Skype on the 2oth July 2011!

Hosting the kids via Skype is truly a refreshing start of educating children anywhere, everywhere real time! However, everything good comes with cons attached. For example, the kids couldn’t hear, touch or feel the actual frogs should we conduct any teachings via Skype. 🙁

Nonetheless, they’ve showed us that they have learned a lot!

It is always very pleasing to know that the kids can learn so much!

Another satisfaction from being a froggy guide:)