FRACTS #9 – Frogs = Toads?? No!

Frogs cannot be called toads, BUT toads can be called frogs! Did you know that?? This is because the word ‘frog’ is a generic term for the whole family, and a ‘toad’ is classified under the frog family. There are actually many differences between a frog and a toad! Look at the picture comparison of a toad and a baby frog below, and see how many differences you can spot!

Top: Frog Bottom: Toad See the difference between them? Look at their hind legs and skin texture.
Top: Baby frog
Bottom: Toad
See the difference between them? Look at their hind legs and skin texture.

These are the differences between a toad and a frog! Did you manage to spot all their physical differences?

  • Have wet, smooth skin that looks slimy because of the moist environment that it lives in; it doesn’t need to face harsh land conditions.
  • Need to live near/in water for survival
  • Have a narrow body which allows for faster movement, and eyes that bulge
  • Have long webbed hind legs for swimming and high jumping
  • Lay eggs in cluster


  • Have dry, rough and warty skin because of harsh conditions on land
  • Don’t have to live near water to survive
  • Have a wide and fat body
  • Have short, stout unwebbed hind legs because they walk instead of jumping and have no need to swim since they live on land.
  • Lay eggs in strings

Frogs that are really frogs are also known as “true frogs”, and likewise, toads that are really toads are also known as “true toads”.

Hope I have enlightened all of you a little about the differences between true frogs and true toads!

Signing off,

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HO HO HO! Do you want to have an ECO-FRIENDLY X’MAS this Year?

Now, how is it possible to have a X’MAS that coexists with ECO-FRIENDLY? They are not really friends. But what can we do to defuse the tension in this over-consumerised period where wherever you go, you get BIG signs which shout at you “BUY BUY BUY!”.

Now Frogs are Green and they are a constant reminder to us on how we should practise 3Rs when making daily purchasing decisions.

Today, we will give u a recipe to reuse all the paper bags you have accumulated over this year or for many of you throughout many years! * Don’t try to kid yourself that it will come in handy on other days, because today is the day!*

Now say this pledge OUT LOUD:
I will NEVER buy another ream of wrapping paper FROM THIS MOMENT ON.

I hope you realize by now that we are quite serious at what we preach.

So once you have your paper bags ready, prepare a good pair of scissors, a glue stick, a loaded staple, scotch tape which we will try to use sparsely.

1. Tear out the handles glued to these paper bags. Keep it for other decorative uses later.
2. Now remove the cardboard which acts as a base for the paper bag.
3. Open up seams on the side and you will have a good size ‘wrapping paper’ ready for your action.
4. An act of professionalism: To trim away the torn edges.

5. You will notice that I have cut out the paper according to their design. Different sides could be used for presents of varying sizes.
6. Decorative: Now use the paper handle to tie into a bow or a heart shaped “paper clip”.
7. Xmas Card: Remember the cardboard base of the bags? Now unleash your creativity and use the remaining of the paper bags or some torn wrappers/ old magazines to decorate your Xmas card.

8. Remember to pass on this Message of spreading a GREEN HEART!

Flowers are cut out from torn used scraps of wrapping paper. Pinks petals are from the left overs of pink paper bag. Some call it FLOWER POWER!:)