Story of the Homemade Salted Eggs

Good news! If you have been following JFF’s facebook posts, you would have known that our resident pet duck, Tamago, has started laying eggs ( basically 1 a day!) since the 5th day of CNY! Have you seen the size of our duck eggs?
The first on the left was the first born and by the 3rd and 4th day, there were huumongooous..(!!)

A pleasant surprise 😉 as 3 of the bigger eggs turned out ALL double yolks!! Hoorray!!

As we explored on preservation methods, naturally a salty idea crystallized in my mind. Why not try Salted Duck Eggs? Luckily around us in this Kranji kampung are all farming veterans! Below is the essence we gathered from several sources.

Step 1: Add sea salt into a pot of water till the mixture is saturated to your preferred level of taste. Boil it to sterilise this brine solution.

Step 2: Cool the solution to room temperature and pour it into a jar.

Step 3: Add in fresh duck eggs into the jar and leave them for up to 3 weeks. ( be reminded that the longer eggs are left in this brine, the saltier it will be!)

Step 4: Take the eggs out when you’re hungry and boil them.(Eggs now can be kept for another 2 weeks!)

They now can be consumed best with chok ( congee) and some braised peanuts, we would imagine!

This experiment started on 19/2/14. We’ll give you our first hand report on the 12/3/14 after we taste this first salty harvest! ;D

Meanwhile, stay tuned and wish us duck luck!

Sources of recipes: Thanks to Gentle Warrior from BV, Uncle William the Quail and Frog King’s (aka founder of JFF) kakis round the corner of lane 6.
Metamorphosed by: Rebecca, Froggie sweetie 🙂
Transformed & posted by: Frogologist