Plano App

Managing kids screen time is becoming a real concern for many parents. We want to share a great mobile app with you: plano helps make sure kid’s smart device use is safe, healthy and balanced. The plano app also monitors myopia risk factors in young children, and was created with the support of two of the world’s leading eye institutions, the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC).

You can find our offerings in the plano shop too 😊

JFF achieves ISO22000:2005!

A few weeks shy to the BIG SG50 NATION WIDE CELEBRATION month, we are proud to announce that JFF PTE LTD has been internationally certified under ISO 22000:2005 for the processing and packaging of live frogs for wholesale distribution, retail sale and restaurants.

In the last few years, Singaporeans’ consumers have become very conscious of where their food is sourced from and how the animals are raised and processed. Food Safety became a common table topic of discussion as more and more articles of errant manufacturers from all around the world, deliberately contaminating their products to drive up their profit margins, made headlines.

This move to achieve this certification has been deliberated upon for many years due to the constant battle with land leases issues with the government. The truth is, at present, it is affirmative that we do need to move out of our current home of 22 years in 2017. However, JFF has taken a BIG leap of faith to allow this dream of being known internationally for our food safety standards to come to fruition.

As we continue to improve our food safety management system, consumers can continue to make educated informed choices on the quality of frog meat they are acquiring when they choose the JURONG FROG FARM Singapore trusted Brand name.