Join us for a morning of (Froggy) ARTventure on 25th March 2017!


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Kids love art & craft. Parents love educational materials. Nothing can beat the fun of creating your very own educational set through art & craft as a family. Together with Jurong Frog Farm, Project Y to Z are proud to present an educational workshop that introduces the life cycle of the frog through art & craft.

A picture tells a thousand words, “From E to F “(from Eggs to Frog) depicts the life cycle of the frog from eggs, tadpole, froglet to eventually adult frog through fun and interesting art & craft materials. To top it off, this could be a family bonding session where the whole family can participate in the workshop. Creating and bringing home the memory of what they learnt by in the tour with “From E to F” craft together as a family!

Date: 25 Mar 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm (Tour commences at 1030am)

Venue: Jurong Frog Farm – 56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 719164

*Cost: Fun Tour – S$9 per Pax

“From E to F”- Art & Craft Workshop –S$25 per Craft

A minimum group size of 10 sign-ups in total will be required for the commencement for both the fun tour and craft workshop.*

St Anthony’s Primary School

Thank you St Anthony’s Primary School for embarking on their P3 Learning Journey with us yet again this year! Most teachers have feedback that the most enjoyable part is still the Hands on the Frog station. Frog feeding session comes next. We’ll likely extend the duration of this tour to better cope with the needs of these energetic froglets! Thanks again for the continuous support!




Frog Porridge Anyone??

YES.. for the Proteach Education Group.. These young learners were sanguine about eating these delicious Gong Bao frog porridge even after holding and feeding the frogs! RESPECT! 

Thank you Proteach for your continual support to our farm programmes!

Where did the frog prince go after he was chased out of his castle?

“To the FROG FARM!”

The teachers and parents helpers burst into laughter after a student from the German European School shouted out that answer.

Why is there a frog prince in the first place?

We’ve got a new program for pre-schoolers and the German European School was the lucky first to experience it. The tour kicked off with a magical tale about a prince who gets stuck in an awkward and ultimately revelation-inspiring situation. Next on the itinerary was a sing-along. The kids were engrossed in the session and the song was so catchy that even the teachers found themselves singing along.

After the morning tour:

Reflection Time!!!

The school children were a bundle of joy to bring around the farm and we hope to see them again soon!

And so,

Where did the Frog Prince go?

Visit us at the farm to find out! 🙂

Till then, keep loving nature!

Brand New Year

Brand new generation of school kids visiting the farm!

Seng Kang Primary 3 cohort of kids were amazingly enthusiastic!

Excellent sportsmanship and great yearning for knowledge!

Almost a-third of each class are keen to hold the frogs and a good 90% have actually touched/feel a frog!

Good Job! 😀

It is this kind of attitude that makes me want to break the generalization that Singaporeans are not all ‘City-Kids’.

The next cohort of students will start roaming in next week and we are all prepared to welcome them!

Till then, keep in touch with nature!

It is never too late

to document a journey.

But also, it is because of this interesting place an job that it is worth recording:)

There is no greater joy than being a ‘froggy-guide’ when the kids visit the farm!

Stay tuned to more updates from the farmers!