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Tucked away in the shade of Singapore’s northwestern woods, in the sunshine near Kranji Reservoir, a zestful chorus of 10,000 American Bullfrogs makes clear it is due solely to the lack of a constant body temperature that they are ‘cold-blooded’. 

But far be it from our Bullfrogs to be lumped with other amphibians! As the only aquatic swimmers to possess legs, they are certainly not run of the mill (frog pun intended). These are thin-skinned hoppers among the few vertebrates without a tail, rare and remarkable, yet despite this, friendly. At least they haven’t begrudged anyone a brisk walk by their pond yet.

Shoes off, Gumboots on. Take your time off the concrete jungle and bring your kids on a quest at the farm. The family-friendly program brings together activities that children love, and fuse elements of education together. Children get to catch-a-frog, feed the frog and conquer Jurong Frog Farm whilst armed with their Frog Quest map. Inclusive of:

Frog Feeding frenzy
Frog Quest map
JFF Fisherman’s Hat (top-up of $3)
1 chance at Spin-the-wheel Lucky Draw


Head down to the homes of frogs and be greeted and hosted by our American Bullfrogs. For up to 30 minutes, be up-close and personal with our friendly amphibians. You may hold them, pat them and even kiss them.

$10/frog catcher

A simple past time for most. Grab a box of frog feed and fill the bellies of our hungry American Bullfrogs. Besides frogs, don’t forget our catfishes, ducks and tilapias have grumbling bellies as well.

*Best times to feed our frogs are in the morning!


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