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A brisk walk around our farm makes clear that our Bullfrogs are not run of the mill amphibians! As the only aquatic swimmers to possess legs (frog pun intended), they are also among the few vertebrates without a tail, rare and remarkable indeed, yet despite this, unassuming. They certainly are anything but ‘cold-blooded’. Come say Hello!

Trunks rise near and far out of thickets. There are Langsat trees that drop their roots next to glassy water where blossoms float. Among the knotted joints of this rustic scene the eyes of a frog gleam. Out here, he is the king of the jungle. And His Froggie Highness shall gladly bestow upon you all an explorer’s accoutrements, should you choose so to venture.

Price: $18 /pax


Tired of only looking at frogs through books? Grab your students’ attention this time by taking them on a quest. 

The Frog Quest Explorer is an interactive self-navigated tour that gives students the opportunity to be an adventurer and explore our farm for a day. Armed with the Frog Quest map, adventurers get to seek out the hidden gems around Jurong Frog Farm and uncover the mysteries of frogs and their life cycle. 


1. Exploration of JFF with a frog quest map
2. Catch a frog activity
3. Frog Feed will be provided for a Frog Feeding Frenzy
4. Spin the wheel for a mystery gift upon completion of TFQ!

Price: $18/ explorer

Souvenirs: JFF Novelty Frog Pen, Frog Quest Map, JFF Fisherman Hat

Thanks to evolution, frogs now possess hypertrophied leg muscles for making those power jumps. Test your mettle all you want against this natural wonder millions of years in the making, but just don’t forget that natural selection is a very different concept from adaptation. Switch targets if you have to, but don’t give up trying! 

Price: $10/pax

Measuring anywhere between 100 to 176 mm in length, an unusually wide mouth is perhaps the only give-away that our American Bullfrogs can’t wait for its next meal. For a creature this size, it sure has a voracious appetite. To get an upclose view of all this feeding action, grab a box of frog grub! *Hint: our frogs’ favourite meal is breakfast, and so the morning is the best feeding time.   

Price: $2/box

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