The Local Hashima Story

The Local Hashima Story

During ancient times in China, Hashima was harvested from the Changbai Mountain wood frog undergoing winter hibernation and was regularly served to the Chinese emperors for its purported health benefits.

Today we can enjoy locally-produced, handpicked and carefully dried Hashima of the highest quality. Jurong Frog Farm (JFF) is the first and only producer of Hashima in Singapore to date.

Our Hashima is harvested from the locally-grown American bullfrogs and cleaned thoroughly before undergoing a bespoke dehydration process to lock in nutrients. Through this process, the rich collagen and amino acid content is preserved, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit.

Launched in 1999, years of research and development went into this process beforehand to ensure repeatable and safe results all achieved without the use of preservatives. This production process enables maximum absorbency delivering you higher value.

This popular beauty-enhancing ingredient is also now available in a naturally hydrated form – look out for JFF Premium Bottled Hashima with America Ginseng at all leading Chinese medicinal halls and supermarkets. This offers you the convenience of enhancing beauty and health in a bottle.

Research has been performed to show that Hashima when consumed regularly induces the production of elastin, collagen and fibrilin which may have beneficial anti-aging effects.

JFF Hashima is guaranteed of its cleanliness. This leaves you with only 3 steps – Soak, Cook, Serve!

  1. Soak in warm water for 6 hours.
  1. Drain the soaking water, break up the hashima into smaller morsels and simmer on low heat to infuse your favourite herbs like lotus seeds, gingko nuts, red dates, or even cook it in chicken soup for that collagen broth you dream of!
  2. Serve hot or cold according to your preference!

Tips! Fully rehydrated hashima should be translucent in colour!

Beautifying Recipes

  1. Hashima Stewed Papaya

Boil soaked Hashima with some rock sugar and wolfberries for 30 mins.

Add the boiled portion to a cleaned out half a papaya boat and steam it for 30 mins.

Serve hot or cold according to preference!

  1. Hashima with Red Dates and Dried Longans

Boil soaked Hashima with red dates and dried logans for 30 mins in low heat. Serve hot or cold according to preference!

  1. Hashima with American Ginseng

Boil soaked Hashima with American Ginseng for 30 mins in low heat. Serve hot or cold according to preference!

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Origin: Produced in Singapore

Components: Contains collagen protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, carbohydrates, various minerals and vitamins.

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