19 Weeks of Internship @ JFF: Herman’s Testimonial

*Croack*, Herman here talking to you about my experiences thus far.

Sadly, this is my last week of my internship. After 19 weeks of exciting memories, the time has come to take my leave…

Waking up in the morning has always been a struggle to me. However, walking to work where the morning sun hits the flora and fauna by the road hits differently from our city lifestyle where most of what we see are buildings.

The first week of my internship had to be the most challenging week as it falls on a March holiday, where there were constant crowds coming in everyday (TIRED!!). However, this really pushed me to adapt and cope faster so that I can help my colleagues.

Doing tours, cashiering, packing, preparations for farm’s operations, ensuring having the correct setup for farm tours etc, were among one of the many tasks I did. That led me to understand more about having a farm and the challenges faced in sustaining it. Many challenges arose especially during the heightened-alert phase which had then severely impacted the farm in terms of visitors. Hence the increase in demand for virtual tour programs.

The internship had also made me discover my hidden passion which is product photography. It started when I was tasked to take a picture of the Hashima Ginseng for poster design. Soon after, I was taking multiple photos of the products in the shop which some of it is on the company website, FB or Instagram.
Examples of the photos taken:

Honestly, I enjoyed my time here because most of the work is not repetitive, which makes it fun unlike lab work which was one of the choices I had been offered. It’s always a ‘New day new me’ kind of moment working at JFF.

The last month of internship had been an amazing experience as it was something which I had not been able to do in School which is work more towards marketing and I have learnt how having a good marketing skill will really help bring life to a product.

Before I croak myself out, I just want to thank my supervisors and the other interns. Chelsea, Jackson and Caleb and ZiWei for guiding me to be a frogologist I am today. I will definitely visit the farm often even after my internship ends.

Ohh feeding time?, okay got to go… (Hops away)s

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